Thursday, August 5, 2010

If you are missing your butterflies- they are over here

I have this terribly neglected flower garden I started 12 years ago.
I had good intentions when I put in in.
I loving put in Iris, Day lilies, peonies,cone flower a few other things and this 1.99 butterfly bush I found on sale.
I had high hopes that I would wander out and work in the garden and enjoy the fruit of my labor.
Well I did for a few years but slowly everything started to disappear.
I am pretty sure between the voles, moles and deer this just became a  yummy snack for them all.
One by one the day lilies were gone the peonies one year and they were gone, even the cone flower.
Needless to say I took the hint and moved closer to the house and I am trying to grow a few things there.
But-- the butterfly bush has survived and has grown wild taking over the bed with all it's arms every where.
I use to cut it back but I have not done that in years.
Anyway, Mark mentioned that it was covered with butterflies.
Really? I thought.
Thinking there might be a few we wandered over to see.
And it was covered- there are so many I can't really get a count.
We sat Sunday and watched them along with a humming bird who was very happy to just perch on a branch and eat away.
I stood out there twice trying to take pictures. I would snap and they were so fast I did not end up with much.
So yesterday I just took a bunch of pictures and here are my favorite three.

In coming!

The kiln is cooling  after being shut off about 10 last night.
I rolled some small tiles to work on and have an appointment to see a PT about my back. I am so much better- but the back resists if I try to lean to the right, which makes working on a wheel nearly impossible.
I want to get my full mobility back as soon as possible and have decided not to mess around and go see someone.

I hope you will check back tomorrow for some nibbles, I already know who is going up and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.
And- the on line gallery is coming together.
The images have been coming in the last week or so- and I expect more.
(it's not too later- if you are part of the show- get them in!)
I will let you know when that opens.
Should be a great element to the show.
Cheers until tomorrow.


Judy Shreve said...

The butterflies have been plentiful this year in my yard too! Hope the PT helps your back -- you are smart to see someone & hope unloading the kiln makes you smile!

Tracey Broome said...

they are here too. Like you, I have neglected two butterfly bushes and they are sort of trees now. But boy do they bring on the butterflies. I had two land on my arm the other day. I just love watching them! Not too late for the online then? I have been very slack and have not sent in a photo yet....

Anonymous said...

i guess it's that time of year. two years ago, sofia and i got mom a butterfly bush for her birthday and it's 8 feet tall. there are butterflies out there but nothing like what you're talking about. i noticed on my rural bike ride last sunday that there were many more butterflies out in the country.

cookingwithgas said...

there really are a mega amount of butterflies!
I am enjoying them all.