Sunday, August 15, 2010

Goldilocks and the Three bears, or who's been sleeping in my bed?

Mark and I went to blowing Rock for a show this past weekend.
I was very worried about who I could leave here to run things while I was away.
Then I came up with a that I hoped could work out for two potters.
For me potter number 1, who has plenty of studio space to share and potter number 2, who could make use of our space in exchange for keeping us open and staying here while we were gone.

Well of all the potters I could not think of I could not think of  anyone better to try this with then Tracey Broome.
So- on Friday Tracey showed up here bright and early from her house ,which is about 45 minutes from here,to get a quick low down on the studio, the sales shop and the house.
This goes here- that goes there- here are towels, sheets and pillow- a/c instructions, here's how to run a charge, take a check and work the cash register, wrapping paper, masking tape, bags................ blah, blah,blah... and we were on our way just going up the road after throwing Tracey to the bears.
We had just hit Blowing Rock when we received a very exciting call from her.
Tracey had just made the biggest sale we have made in the store  this year.
She was blown away and so were we- it was exciting for her and us.
We have been in a real drought this summer with just enough sales to pay one bill at a time.
With Tracey's exciting news it looked like we might have a good weekend.

On Saturday I had made arrangements with Laurie Abela, our favorite soap maker, to be here to run the shop for the Potter's for Peace weekend.
That would, we had hoped, free Tracey to just work in the studio.
But- Tracey was in for a second adventure this weekend and I would rather she get a chance to tell you all about that herself.
Meanwhile, back in Whynot Laurie was busy running the shop, selling pots and her wonderful soaps with a %  to benefit The Central Asia Institute.
We have a few mugs and soaps left over.
If you are interested and would like a mug, a tumbler or some of the green tea soap contact us:

Blowing Rock was better for us this month then it was back in June.
We did start out the morning with a moment of regret when we looked at the mud hole that was our space.
It was a big mud puddle that someone had thrown an old rug in.
I was ready to head home when Mark asked for another space.
We were quickly given a new space that was perfect.
Level and much dryer.
It did throw us and the crafts people on either side of us in a tailspin as we were all trying to unload and put up tents.
We all just jumped in to help one another- first getting the other tents up and then ours.
Then everyone could get their work out.
I just love when 3 booths  work together to help one another out, no muss-no fuss!
Despite the overcast sky their were some buyers out.
We had two down pours but still managed to come out mostly dry.
Note the attractive blue tape keeping the lid down- I found it is better to tape the lid then to have it fly off while being picked up.

We are back home, unpacked and very happy with Goldilocks- seems she found just the right pace to sleep and leaft hardly a trace behind her.
(except some tea I am sitting here enjoying...)
I can't wait to see if she was able to get some work made and how her second adventure of the weekend went for her.
Thanks Tracey and Laurie job well done!


Judy Shreve said...

very wonderful story and can't wait for 'chapter 2' of the adventure. So happy your sales were good :>))

Shortstuff said...

Very cool. Glad the trade worked out well. Maybe Tracey is your good luck charm.

Linda Starr said...

You might just have hit on a great idea, potters' trading places and selling each others' wares, so glad it all worked out for you and wonderful of Tracey to help out.

ang said...

brilliant and so glad it all worked out well...what a treat!!

cookingwithgas said...

she was our good luck charm- and I just read her post- she put up cows as well!
She was busy.

Laurie said...

I'm so glad the weekend was a good one!

cindy shake said...

How fun! Great to have a good gallery sitter like Tracey! What beautiful work you had for the Show too ;o) said...

That blue jug at the top looks fantastic wow! Also congratulations on your sales : D sounds like a busy weekend.