Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Monday and it's August

Here we go jump aboard it is August and from here on out we are sliding down hill.
When August hits and fall is right behind us nipping at the back of our brains- reminding us that fall is coming soon.
Gary has posted some leaves turning in New York.
And while I was out walking I noted how many of the Poplar Trees had yellow leaves on them.
It is a sign to get in gear and really get some work done!
No more lazy days around here.
It is time to make the minutes count.
Now, really, how realistic do you really think this is?
I know as potters we strive to produce weekly.
Some weeks things get in the way.
For me it has been this fall- I knew when I hit the deck it was going to take longer then 24 hours to get past this and, of course, it has.
I am better each day and hope to be back to my old mean, rotten self soon.
Meanwhile I have to go back to how to work smarter if this is what I want to continue to do.
I find it easier to work on tiles right now since bending over to work on the wheel does not seem to be something my back likes yet.
So I did get this tile through the electric kiln last week and was pretty happy with it.
It is from the nightgown series.
I love when something comes out and I can't decide which way it should be hung.
The first shot is the way I had it when I laid it out.

Then I turned it over and though it could hang this way as well...
more decisions....

If you turn your monitor on its side it could go sideways as well..
Here's hoping you are ready for the week and making those decisions to carry you into fall.
I am still podering.


Tracey Broome said...

Happy Monday M. Beautiful tile, I love that red! Should be a great holiday sales item!!

ladyofclay said...

very nice tile - the flowers and leaves come up nicely out of the quiet background and the whole design just flows together well so that it can 'go' any direction.

Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

Yup! Welcome to August! I'm not ready for summer to be over, but my kids start school next Monday, so I'm getting ready to switch into high gear.

I really like the tiles. It's good for you to have something else to work on while your back heals.

jeannette said...

A lovely tile - you are right...I can see people tilting their head to the left, to the right...LOL - I like the last pic because of the way you positioned the leaves.

Hannah said...

Incredible how different it looks in each picture. That gives me something to think on.

cindy shake said...

Love the color palette on the tile!! So glad you are on the mend -holy cow, so hard to have a back injury :o(

cookingwithgas said...

oh- thanks for all the nice feedback,
I was really happy with this tile.
I still can't decide how to hang it.
But i will have more time to ponder on that after the gas kiln is loaded up.

Peter said...

That tile is stunningly beautiful. What a lovely red! My old CRT monitor may object to turning on its side... maybe I will have to turn on my side in stead! said...

Beautiful piece I agree I love the red its really vibrant. Hope your doing ok.

ang said...

wow how's that red, i think i like the first image, its prob upside down yes? i always like them that way!!