Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pushing into August

We did it- the kiln is loaded and Mark is out there now firing her off.
It seems with the mishaps of life this load has taken longer then usual.
Planning the load is as much work as glazing and firing.
Mark planned the "crown" pots one day while I was still sitting on ice.
We have a board that we cut years ago that is the same size as the kiln shelves.
This gives us the opportunity to plan  the 20-21 shelves of pots that will go in the kiln.
Then each board load fits on the ware carts on another board- which lucky us is about the same size as the kiln shelves.
This is really helpful when we load the kiln.
Say- we need a 5 inch shelf of pots- we have one-  need a 6 inch- it's there- room for the crown- we have after all these years got that figured out as well.
I use this method when I glaze for my tiles as well.
I like knowing that a piece I am glazing will go in the firing.
No guessing games, just pack and go.
It still takes us a good 5 hours to load the gas kiln.
And about 30 minutes to brick up the door.
The whole time ,well not the whole time... we talk about how to finish up the smaller kiln Mark has built.
The small kiln is so close we can taste it.

There are times that life is like trying to take a picture of butterflies.
Just when you think you have it, it takes off.


Kari Weaver Hopkins said...

How big is your kiln and how long does it take to fire it? I cannot estimate what will fit in my kiln. I nearly always have twice as much plus a couple of extra baskets. Then I stress about having to fire twice. I guess it gives me a head start for the next load though...
Perhaps after some time I can predict better.

Happy firing!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Kari- the kiln is 80 cubic feet loading space- too big for thses old dog potters- It takes about 18 hours to fire and two days to cool down.
We still have some pots left over and - there are always a few who don't get in.
I do love it when I plan just right and they all go- that good old ocd!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

well, its gorgeous ware alright, looking forward to seeing the results!

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, i have always envied that kind of organization instead of the loading method i use which is to keep taking pots out and replacing them with ones i think fit better. i've seen tons of butterflies in the past week and our brown-eyed susans are attracting a couple yellow finches as well. the tile in the previous post is a beauty. hope your back is completely healed soon.

Linda Starr said...

good luck with the firing; love the butterflies; I think our next trip might be to the butterfly place nearby to get some close up photos, love yours, the colors are so wondrous.

Marshall said...

beautiful work!