Thursday, September 9, 2010

Clay and Blogs:Telling a Story

A Lot- a lot has been happening around here and I am busy as this funny bug here flapping my wings as I try to finalize this show.
One of the things I asked the potters to do for me was to let me print a page from their blog.
How simple that seemed to me at the time.
Just click file and print!
Yea- there you go thinking again.
So here I am playing around with some cut and paste, don't you love cut and paste?
It means any fool, like me, can do things that only a professional could do many years ago.
Gosh these computer things are fun.
And to my astonishment- I am work this out!

So here is what's happening- the pottery has begun to arrive at the Campbell House Gallery, the blog post folks want to include are arriving in my in box.
I have started to play with and print them out.

My computer tells me I need a new color cartridge, add that to the list of things to do today.

And it is only September 9th!
I have high hopes that all will come together.
So stay tune----put the opening date on your must do list.
And, if you have not looked at the online gallery please do so by clicking on the link .
There are some fabulous pots there that are up for sale now.
All you have to do is contact the arts council and they could be yours.

Now -all I have to do is get some pots made for a gas load and glue some backs on tiles and get ready for the end of the month.



Tracey Broome said...

your tiles are GREAT! you should bring some here one day and let's Raku fire them.

cookingwithgas said...

that might be fun- I will put that on my Jan. list!
There are great 50 degree days in Jan we could do this!

Linda Starr said...

Your new tiles are so whimsical, love them, the little guys look so happy go lucky.

So much to do so little time, that's for sure, is the pot with the B on it the logo of the show?

hope our motorhome makes it without any trouble, my car now needs repairs of $900, ugh.

cookingwithgas said...

thanks Linda!
They changed the logo and that is the new one!
I like it.
900 bucks!

Anna said...

Love, love, love those tiles!

Annapants! said...


ang said...

cut and paste eh?? for my grant proposal i included a couple of posts and just went to the individual page from the archives then it just prints the one post..:))

Shortstuff said...

Are those your cute little bug tiles? Tres fun!

deanandmartinpottery said...

Cool looking bugs! Nice floral tiles also. It all looks great hope they fly off your shelves.

cookingwithgas said...

hey all you A's thanks!
And Miss shortstuff- I had fun with the bugs.
Thanks Jeff! Been a long time- hope you are well!