Thursday, October 14, 2010

Guess who's back!

There was a whole lot going on the past few months and I had to box up the Giraffe back splash and just not think about it.
On Monday I asked the handiest of man that works around here to help me(?) set up a place to put out all the tiles.
He and I came up with a plan and then he being the handiest man I know set to work to make it happen.
Well- there she is- well except the boarder tiles.
I have two more to carve, the forgotten two that I almost missed, and the others are drying.
Yesterday I had a conference with Lee about glazes.
We have added a few more glaze colors and I needed her keen judgment on where and what glazes we have decided to use.
That is done and now it is wait until the boarder are finished and then... and then the fun begins.
I am just a tad nervous about the glaze and firing.
This is it, fingers, knees and toes crossed when I go into this one.

 Just a few earrings from the last gas kiln.
I make these as fillers and as you know there are tons of work that go into the small stuff- enough to make a person crazy.
Well, we had someone take, steal, a whole box from our gallery.
It was a small box about 2 inches high and about 10 inches across.
Yet, it held a lot of earrings.
If for some reason you see any earring show up on etsy, ebay or a local show that look like they were made by me shoot me an email.
And to the person who took them... no nice words for you.


Judy Shreve said...

What fun to see the backsplash again! And yay - for good handymen!

I can't believe someone took something from your gallery. That's awful. I sure hope you get them back or at least discover who it was.

Linda Starr said...

The backsplash looks wonderful all laid out there, good luck with the firing; I've got my fingers crossed that all goes well. What a project you have done.

Bad karma to someone who steals especially all the work in making the jewelry, then glazing, then attaching the bails, etc. well you know, but it makes me angry and I didn't even do the work, you did. said...

Oh no thats horrible! I hope you recover your lost earrings. Good luck with the giraffe too!

Patricia Griffin said...

wow, that's amazing that someone took the box of earrings!!! bad, bad karma. On the other end of the karmic scale, your giraffe back splash is going to be amazing!

ang said...

hello giraffes :)) there's something about tile projects... they seem to be epic!!