Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Tuesday in October

First off , as I resurface, I want to thank Tom Starland of Carolina Arts Unleashed who was our media sponsor for the show Clay and Blogs: Telling a Story.
Tom went recently to view the show and did a very nice write up with some great pictures.
You should go read the article here
Tom and his wife Linda are those people who work very hard behind the scenes.
They in many ways make our lives easier.
If you get the information to them in a timely manner- they do all they can to get the word out there.
Thank you Tom and Linda!

There was a service for Jay tonight and we could not get there.
Instead my sister Leslie went to represent the family.
Instead we raised a glass to brother Jay tonight and had our own memorial service.
Safe passage......

And today we just worked.
We did what most potters do daily.
We took balls of clay and they hit the wheel heads.
I spun out on sugar jars and bowls.
While Mark worked on big bowls, Mugs and Pitchers.

There were moments when all you heard were the wheels and the thwack!

I walked by the mushroom logs on my way into the house and guess what ended up on the stove.

 All in all a good fall day.
I am looking forward to another one tomorrow.


Tracey Broome said...

Don't you think Jay would love to know that this is how you spent your day? Life goes on, you just have to raise your glass to those who have moved on and remember them with gladness.Do you remember one time saying to me "that potter is just doing the best they know how" ? Well, I think that's what we all do when we lose someone too, we deal with it the best we know how. I dealt with my dad's death in a really bad way, but it was all I could do at the time, and I'm ok with that! I'm having a glass of wine right now, so I'll lift it up too :)

cookingwithgas said...

yes TB- I thought of him all day- he was with me and I know he would be happy to know we were working along.

Linda Starr said...

I only knew Jay through his blog, but I was thinking about him a lot when we visited Fort Clinch since his love of history really came through in his posts. I enjoyed his blog so much, he was a special person. I've said to myself for years it's important to show folks you love them when they are alive; after they're gone to their special place, I feel the thoughts of them should be more personal. I'm sure Jay's glad you were thinking of him all day.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

The article sure is nice, and a LOT of good pictures, a really nice tour.

ang said...

sweet... it's really tough time at the mo and nice to hear the quietness of getting through it day by day...ang

Hollis Engley said...

I think that was a good thing to do, Meredith. And I know Les represented you all very well. I'm just back from two days of stoking Bob Compton's gigantic wood kiln in Bristol, Vermont. Lovely up there. I'll post some photos.