Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday- don't you love a Sunday in the fall....

We finished unloading the gas kiln yesterday and all in all it was a good firing.
We had a few seconds which is not bad considering the size of the kiln.
There are always a few pots that just go in another direction than you want them to, independent souls that they are.
But, over all we are pleased.
I spent my time sanding and pricing and sorting.
Pots for the store, pots for the show, pots for orders.
Next week we will set up for the 3rd. Celebration Of Seagrove Potters.
We set up in the old Luck's Bean Cannery on Highway 705.
The space is big and it has a roof!
A bonus!
I have heard there are potters who only do indoor shows.
I would like to be that potter- then again sometimes outdoor shows can be very nice.
We use to do one that was outside in July.
The weather could be rainy, hot as the dickins and humid as hell.
But- we sold pots.
Gosh you can put up with a lot if you are making some money.
Who's that down below you ask?
I also spent yesterday wandering back and forth to check the temperature of the electric kiln.
437.....finally around 3 pm which is as it should be it hit 259.
I thought - okay the lid is going up.

so here we are- the tiles are all out.

Time to put it all out and make sure it will fit the space.

I feel pretty good about this for a first time large tile project.
There is some warping- but I think we can over come it.
If there was time I might redo two.
But the customer wants this up by the end of the month.

Tray- a surprise from the kiln- better write this one down...

My sister Lee is working on sheep tiles- they are  fun!
We are back out to start packing, plan our booth and in general get ready for another week.
Then again- we need to declare this a PJ day- who's with us??
Top of the morning to you all!


Anna said...

Your tile project is amazing! Will you post pictures of it installed?? AND I love, love, love the sheep tiles. :) Talented sister.

laura weant johnson said...

the tiles came out gorgeous--yay you!!! and that tray is a keeper too.....happy jammie day!

Tracey Broome said...

For some reason your mug has become my Sunday morning mug, I'm sitting here with some chai reading your blog, with your mug! Wesley was drinking from it yesterday and commented that it was like drinking from an old piece of pottery, she felt like she could taste the stone. Hard to put into words, but I knew what she meant. It seems like a time worn, comfortable thing.
Holy Crap! That tile work! What a project, brave girl you are. It looks even better than I imagined, I would love to see it when it's installed. and last I love that tray and sheep tiles. Lots of eye candy this morning!

Laurie said...

Another beautiful morning! A PJ day sounds good, but must get ready for next Sat's show. That tray is gorgeous!

Patricia Griffin said...

Yeah for PJ Sunday! Last night, I came home from the studio, composed a dinner out of left-overs, and went to bed with a glass of milk, a homemade cookie from a friend and a book. Was asleep within minutes! (Well, after eating the cookie... :)

The tiles are wonderful. I love the close-up of the top of the tree and how you did those leaves. Awesome!

Cindy Shake said...

Holy Cow what a project that large tiles are!! AND they ALL turned out so well -you are amazing. I also really love the tray!! Crazy great color and texture!

cookingwithgas said...

Hello- it was a fun project and i would love another one- well maybe next year!
The leaves were all hand carved as was the whole project.
I rolled the tiles to 3/4 inch and carved away 1/4 inch down.
The customer wanted deep carving.
I feel in in my back.
I will have to get more pictures when it is up.

Linda Starr said...

1/4 inch that is a whole lot of carving, love the tree with it's leaves and roots. I am convinced pottery is one of the hardest professions there is. Good luck with the sorting and packing.

Shortstuff said...

The giraffe backsplash looks great. Can't wait to see it up in all its glory. Lee's sheep are cute.

Anonymous said...

hi meredith, i like the tray surprise glaze, i need a couple surprises like that. the tiles look great too... i think the one with the leaves would be good as a stand alone tile. your previous post's comment about lifting the shelves and taking care of your southern self reminded me of scarlet o'hara

cookingwithgas said...

Jim- you caught me- that is who I think of as the ultimate Southern Belle.