Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who makes the cut?

Today is cut day- packing up the pottery to take up to the Old Luck's Cannery on Highway 705.
The cannery is located just minutes from the house.
When we were kids traveling back and forth from Norfolk to see the Grandparents in Whynot the passing of Luck's Bean factory was highly exciting for two reasons.
First it meant the farm was just around the corner.
Second we had a family tradition.
No matter how tired we all were my father would make sure we were all awake as we went through Seagrove.
"Don't blink you will miss it!"- he would say.
and then as we rode out of town and on towards Luck's we would all roll down our windows and yell-
Then we would laugh all the way to the farm.
Luck's made many products back in the day but they were known for their beans with bacon in them.
Thus the put in more bacon- OK---- we were kids and you had to be there.
Luck's was running full tilt when we moved here, but was bought out, closed and sold.
They now make Luck's beans in California- which should be a crime but, hey, they are still making them.
Now once a year  the local potters go and turn it into a mecca of pottery shopping.
The potters are all Seagrove potters from the three county area know as the The Seagrove Area- more history there but today I have pottery packing to do.
Maybe I should ride by there and yell -PUT IN MORE POTTERY!

Tray- Mark

Tray- Meredith

Egg vases- Iron red with wood ash

Tiles- Meredith


Anonymous said...

put in more pottery... really love the glaze on the right side of that tray. good luck in seagrove

Hollis Engley said...

I love that story, Meredith. I love it.
Nice pots, too. Love the iron red with the ash over it.

Judy Shreve said...

Great story! and love these pieces -- the drips on the egg vases are fabulous. Hope your sales this weekend are fabulous too!

Shortstuff said...

Do you remember we started writing "Put in more bacon" on pieces of paper and throwing them out the window while passing Luck's? I wonder now if anyone ever found them and what they thought.
I'm with you on the "put in more pottery". I can't wait to see all the pretties.

cookingwithgas said...

Hey guys and dolls- it should be a fun week-end.
Leslie- our parents taught us to litter! OMG!
C-u-soon! said...

Lovely work, nice to see your tiles finished! Fabulous glaze combinations : D

Michael Kline said...

I think I'll always remember this story when I go by the Luck's bldg!

Laurie said...

Love that story! And how your blog regularly cracks me up!