Thursday, December 16, 2010

Look- we live in the south and I highly resent the weather you are sharing with us

I did go out to the studio this morning to ship out an order.
I was very, very careful as I did the half walked- half slide across the yard.
It was icy out there.
I came back and looked out the windows in the kitchen while my bread was toasting.
Hummm, looking like wintry mix again.
Bone chilling cold and ice.
Great combination for pulling up the covers.
So another day slides by as we don't load up the new kiln.
No, thank ,you,.... just can't do it.
Maybe tomorrow.
 I hear 40 degrees for tomorrow now that sounds great and warm.
 We just might get those pots in the kiln this week-end!

I will continue to take comments on the post below for the Generosity chain.
So get down there and add your name to the list.

 I plan to take advantage of the weather and do another month of books into the computer.

I also need to get some information over to Tom Starland at Carolina Arts Unleashed.
Tom has started an on line directory of NC and SC potters with events, galleries and all.
Go out and "like" his Face Book page and then go check out the site.
He is offering an active link and at a great price and that is part of my job today to get my link info to him.
Hang on Tom I am getting there!


Linda Starr said...

We're even further south and it was cold herethe past few days, but has warmed up today. Not to rub it in, but Gary put on his shorts to take out the trash.

Hollis Engley said...

Hey, you can have every nasty piece of our winter weather. The problem is, you're not sharing those normally mild winters with us.

ang said...

wow looks chilly......its raining again this morning and i am so over it after a nice week so far....enough i say. stay warm meredith :))

Laurie said...

Love how the kitchen lights are reflected in the pics!

Trish said...

:)..In the true Canadian fashion...Sorrrrry!! (If this is the bad weather route you are talking about..)..nasty distribution of weather patterns up here too.
No matter what the weather, Blessings, Peace and Merry Christmas to all.
Trish from Alberta said...

brr looks cold! We've been having very cold weather here in the UK. Its been getting down to -12 at night! Hope you manage to get the kiln loaded this weekend.

Good luck!

cookingwithgas said...

Good Morning all! I will be happy to send you all some of our weather when it comes back!
But Trish you are right- Happy Holidays to all!

cookingwithgas said...

and Linda- am happy to know that Gary puts something on to take out the trash! LOL!

Linda Starr said...

I laughed at the shorts realizing that may have been taken the wrong way, but he is kind of nudist at heart, must be that Finnish blood and sauna taking and all, not an exhibitionist, just doesn't like clothes.