Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whole lot of shaking going on

Are you freezing?

If not you must be like ANG  and live down under where you are nice and toasty.
We are in a vicious cold snap that promises to hang around like a bad relative.
Gobbing up all our energy and keeping us running for cover.
So in Lew of trying to stay warm and throw pots I have been doing anything but!
I did make some tiles last week and some components for jewelry but it was not in my head to hang around in cooling water to make anything else.
Mark planned and has been glazing pots for the new gas kiln.
I will slide out to the studio for some top glazing later today.
I had to laugh yesterday because once it is glazed getting glazed pots to the kiln and loaded without freezing will be the trick.
We will be looking at next weeks weather!

Me, I am ever hopeful that winter will be over next week and we go back to those 50 degree days we are known for in December and January.
So what to do to wile away the hours waiting for Christmas and warmer weather?
Bookwork- poo- bad word.
The major downside to being self-employed is there is no one under you that you can hand the bookwork over to.
No, you are first on the ladder and last.
I use to be right on top of the books every month- yep- every month.
But, now, I am behind by months.
Why you ask?
Well... because I am here.
and then there is the now up ,again, Etsy shop.
and the dreaded FB page.
Yep- we are so connected we never have to physically see anyone ever again!

While I am at the keyboard today let me remind you that there are still some pots left at the Campbell House show in Southern Pines- The Clay and Blogs show.
Click on link for online show.
Or try going there in person to purchase something.

There is a nice write up about Seagrove in The Ballantyne Magazine that is distributed in the Charlotte NC area.
There are pictures of local pots and Mark has a nice vase featured in there.
You will find  pottery by our fellow potters; Bulldog, Westmoore, Jugtown, and Michael Mahan.
With a very nice interview by Westmoore Pottery.

I am behind in telling you that I am a recipient of the generosity chain started  last year in NC.
I have followed Tracey's blog as she has shipped out her treasures all over the place.
I left a comment on Future Primitive's site on Saturday, 25 of September 2010 when she was working on who would be in her chain.
And I was picked!
Tiggy Fiander  is a Soapmaker in the UK and I will be getting something wonderful from her Soap shop.
If you have not checked her out you should her soaps are very exciting.
There are a few videos of her working that I have really enjoyed.
Plus her partner is potter Matt Grimmitt a great slipware potter.
I look forward to whatever treat will be in store for me!
And now I need to play this forward.
I now need to pass this on to 5 people.
Here is the trick- if you have read all the way to the bottom here you know you need to leave me a comment and I will have Mark pick 5 names for me.
YOU will receive something from me and then you too must pass this on.
Now is not the time to be shy- post away!
I want to give this some time so I will pick the names on my Birthday which comes up in 8 days- so keep posting and we will draw a name on the 22nd.
And no you don't need to know my age just that I have been legal for many, many years and no one asks for my ID anymore! 


Linda Starr said...

What a beautiful camellia to see as I sit here with a cup of ea and a comforter over my legs.

Linda Starr said...


Catherine said...

You have the most beautiful grandbaby ever!!

Kellie Jensen said...

You two are some of my favorite people and I am proud to have you in my little circle of chosen family. You've both been a very positive influence in my life. Thank you!

Tracey Broome said...

don't put my name in the pot, I have had more than my share of generosity this month! but I just wanted to say hi and say how happy I am to see this chain continue. What a great thing!!!
What is with this cold weather!?!?
hah, my verification word is ulaters
used in a sentence: see ulaters, lol!

Anonymous said...

I saw Anna post this, and after seeing some of your wonderful pottery I had to post. I also want to talk to you about possibly making yarn bowls. Would you be interested? I look forward to seeing more of your lovely designs.


Hollis Engley said...

Just had Tracey's grits and Hallsboro, NC, country ham for breakfast. With maple syrup. Getting cold up here again, but no snow yet. Our holiday show is this coming weekend and I should definitely NOT be on the keyboard this morning.

Michèle Hastings said...

we too are struggling with the cold around the corner from you... this morning the well pump appears to be frozen. at least i was smart enough to do the laundry when it was a little warmer on saturday. bring on those 50 degree days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laura weant johnson said...

hey hey!!! gorgeous camilla--i need to go see if i have a few to clip that haven't frozen yet...stay warm!!

cindy shake said...

Feel your chill sister!! Just posted bout it being 10 degrees this morning up here in the Northland, but the wind chill puts it much colder. Got Gus-Gus here at home with me and both of us are fighting sore throats :o( Needed to weld and plasma cut today -NOT happening!! oh well. Is it hot tottie time yet?!

cookingwithgas said...

seems the theme is cold weather every where!
Linda you are going to needs lots of tea!
Hey Catherine- yes we think that baby is the best!
Kellie- you know we think you are one of ours--always!
Tracey I hope we do see ulaters-love that word!
Michelle email me about making the bowls -we are interested.
Hollis- you are eating more grits then we are- we are going to have to catch up on that!
Michele- it is cold and the water pipes don't like it one bit!
Hi Laura!
Cindy- too bad about the sore throats- tea and rest- I can see you having this weather- but here in the sunny south! No!

Linda said...

We are fighting the cold here in WV as well. But using the pottery that has been gifted to me since Amanda has known Anna, and seeing the love and craftsmanship in each piece warms the hear.


We made it through a nasty cold snap and are riding the wave waiting for the next one. Snow, freezing, then melting, mud, freezing some more. Everything is muddy!

I would love to be part of a generosity chain...

TropiClay Studio said...

Hi Meredith! Please send some of that cool weather this way! I'm getting tired of this low to mid 90's stuff. With the high humidity, it's just miserable sometimes.
I also would love to be a part of a generosity chain, it sounds like a lot of fun!

cookingwithgas said...

Hey- putting you all in the hat-soon........

Laurie said...

A generosity chain sounds like a great idea. I can't wait til my camellia is big enough to have flowers! That's a pretty one.

Ha! My word is mingl, so maybe we'll see ulater and we can all mingl! Sorry, just had to...

smartcat said...

Cold is normal here in southern New England. What is strange are the days when the temp rises to the high 50's.

Thanks again for this blog (beautiful camellia) which I found by scrolling thru Blogspot. Great connections to other pottery blogs.

Shortstuff said...

O.K. I'm posting. Don't have any pottery to pass along in a pay it forward kind of way, but I do have some lovely hat bands and jewelry! Snow and cold here, today. This is like January weather. I dread February already.

Trish said...

OH to have a flower blooming in my neighbourhood at this time of year! beautiful..hopefully it has survived the continuing cold snap.
A generous new year is what we all need to aspire to. thanks for the opportunity here.
Cheers and early Happy Birthday, Meredith.

cookingwithgas said...

adding you all in!
and it is my hope this is winter and it will be over next week!

smartcat said...

Extreme Envy that you can even hope for your winter to be over next week. Stay warm...s

Gail said...

would love to be part of this...

Connie said...

What a cool idea!! I love it!!