Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Carolina Arts Unleashed

If you are a potter who lives and works in North Carolina or South Carolina you need to get yourself  listed on Carolina Arts new and very much improved website.
Tom and Linda Starland are instrumental in getting the news out about art openings all over North and South Carolina.
If they know about it they are promoting it.
In the past year they have done an excellent job of gathering information to list a strong website of all NC and SC potters- that they know of.
If you are not on their free listing contact them.
They are also offering an active listing at 10.00 a month.
I have just finished- or I should say they have- getting set up.
Whynot Pottery
For more information you can email them at: info@carolinaarts.com

They also offer their publication on line that can be down loaded for you to read .
So as they say around here , "go get you some"!
Go get you some good advertisement at a reasonable rate.

me and Mark 1975 ish............


Patricia Griffin said...

How cute you guys were! (and still are, of course!)

Linda Starr said...

too bad I'm not a resident of one of those states, still their website and publication is a great read, couple of hippies. Ha. those were the good ole days!

Anonymous said...

what a great pic! makes me want to go diggin' through old photos

claydancer said...

Thanks for your response about persimmons. Persimmon pudding sounds delicious. I've always wanted to try it but never gotten around to it. Too bad I'm on the west coast or I'd make you some:P

TropiClay Studio said...

Ah yes... the good ole days!

Judy Shreve said...

Love that picture of you and Mark! Yay for NC & SC potters. What a great support system!

cookingwithgas said...

we were so cute! Now we are working on becoming old farts!