Friday, January 7, 2011

First Friday

Just think last Friday was New Years Eve!
And here you are thinking that seemed weeks ago!
No- it was just last week and the Friday before that was Christmas Eve!
So last year you are thinking.
So here we are the first full week into January and we are all thinking about how quickly this year will run past us.
So take a minute today this first Friday of 2011 and breath.
Nice and deep.
Good- now get your running shoes on, buckle your seat belt and get going.
No time to waste.
It will only get busier from this Friday to the last one in December of 2011.

For me- it only took all week to get myself in the groove and back in the studio,
I am rolling tiles, making small stuff as fillers and walking gently past my wheel.
I think we need to make friends again.
It is so easy for me to distract myself from throwing this time of year.
There are books to catch up on, tiles I want to make, a book I would like to finish and, yet, I know if I don't get there... there will be hell to pay later.
I will be running like a rabbit playing catch up.

I did spend time getting more pots listed in the Etsy shop.
If you are inclined go take a look.
So on this first Friday of a new year I think I will get my shoes on and go finish up the tiles and think really, really hard about throwing next week.
A girl can dream....


Becky said...

Ooo.. I love the drippy ash glaze. Beautimus. :)

Patricia Griffin said...

Running shoes are on! I'll join you in a nice and easy First-Friday loop around the track of our brand new year!... Am back in the studio today after a week of absence with the hubster in New Mexico for a doc appt. So good to be back home. Studio awaits!