Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Please - hold the ice

Really it is not the snow!
It is the ice.
Living in the woods has its disadvantages and this is one of them!
The snow is easy to walk in over to the studio and back, but this ice is not so much fun.
Toady I made two trips over and thought about how crazy this is.
I mean look- its not that far.
But walking with a stick and breaking the ice as I walk along would be okay if I did not have the reputation of being a bit clumsy.
I have fallen on less....

and to top it all off this is the left hand side of the studio- no ice!
No trees- and sun.
I am watching the weather and warmer temperatures can not come soon enough.
I feel a bit trapped over here in the ice castle.
But I did roll tiles and trays so a trip back over tomorrow is must.
Even though I would be happy to just stay right here in the castle....


Linda Starr said...

In Arkansas during ice storms I used to walk along and hit the ice with my heels as I went to get traction, nowadays I would use a cane proudly and safely or perhaps a walking stick. take care.

Laurie said...

Still crunchy most everywhere here as well. I haven't ventured from the house, except short forays to the chickens and pantry. Tomorrow should be slightly warmer. Yay!

Hollis Engley said...

My recommendation, Meredith, is YakTrax. They're very cool things that fit easily over your shoes, like snow tires for the feet. Got a pair just after Christmas for both of us. You can walk perfectly well on the worst ice. And we get a lot of that up here.

cookingwithgas said...

Linda- I did use a walking stick- it helped!
Laurie- let's go for some real heat!
Hollis- I look them up!
A real possibility!

Catherine said...

I'm probably too lazy for my own good, I would just stay inside and not brave the ice becuase I am also clumsy and would have serious doubts about making it even with a stick. said...

We've had lots of snow and ice over here in the UK recently, its just so dangerous - sometimes its better to stay indoors!

Anonymous said...

getting tired of the weather myself. that being said, i long for the country life sometimes. as this article states, it makes you smarter...