Monday, January 17, 2011

Paper, rock, scissors or making choices

Paper, rock, scissors or I wonder if this game could be called paper, pots, scissors?
I have been making tiles, jewelry  and trays during this icy cold phase of January, but I have still not touched the wheel.
Oh I have read and poured over blogs of all the potters who are out there working away.
I love looking at what they are making and envy their ability to just go back to work.
I always need a bit of down time this time of year.
Or maybe a slower start.
So even though I am making some pots my mind has wandered over to paper.
I started our raiding all the old Christmas card for paper and using up some card stock I have.
Well it was all over then because then I had to try some real paper.
The kind that is made to fold rather then me making it fold.
So I order some paper used for Origami 
Oh my it is like using a soft clay rather than a hard clay.
It is like you just learned how to get the clay to move the way you want it to.
This paper just has a feel the other paper does not.
Right now I am only folding small boxes and a variety of items that could and would hold jewelry.
You can either slip a pair of earrings in or a pendent and use them as a gift box. 
And while I am folding these I have been looking at the different patterns on the paper.
Of course I have a favorite.
I really love this one.
Sorry the picture does suck a bit!

This time folding paper has given me time to think about pots and what I want to make.
It has given me time to think about my brother and miss him a bit (a lot!).
It has given my hands something to do while my mind goes to places I don't want it to go alone.
A comfort in the paper, soft and soothing.
Funny how something so simple can fill a place or a void for a person.
Is this how it feels for people who make pots for fun?
I make pots as a living and have for close to 30 years.
This means I have to find the simple pleasures somewhere else in order to get back in touch with clay.
Last night as I went to sleep I thought,"dream of teapots".
But instead I dreamed of someone who was making  dogs from tile pipes.
Go figure.
So folks I am out to the shop today and we will see what comes off that wheel.
or off the slab roller.........


Linda Starr said...

Good morning, Aw, what wonderful memories of Jay, you are so taleted, those boxes are really neat, just how do you make those? Is that called origame?

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I wanted to dream of teapots too but found myself on a beach filled with bikinis and..... :)

Craig Edwards said...

Sweet boxes.. what a riot of colour!
To sleep, perchance to dream, ah...

Tracey Broome said...

Those are really beautiful boxes! What a great idea for your jewelry!!
It's nice to have something to make while your mind does other things. My mind always visits my dad when I have projects like that. I took my down time in December, so if I don't get back at it soon I may never :)

Anna said...

Spinning wool is what I do to let my mind wander...been doing alot of that while my clay studio is created!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Linda- I am looking at sites about folding boxes.
Gary!!! :)!
Thanks Greg although watch out for Gary's dreams.
Hey Tracey- yes it is nice to think about Jay while I fold the paper.
Anna- spinning---hummmm!

Judy Shreve said...

It is hard when you experience such a loss -- seems you are doing just the right thing -- busy hands. I remember my grandmother would bake when she needed that time.
That paper is so wonderful & what a great idea for your jewelry.
I haven't sat at my wheel in a couple of months -- but I've been handbuilding like crazy -- and drawing. It's so peaceful. I'm not sure when I'll sit and spin pots again.

cookingwithgas said...

Judy- I know what you mean.
From some one who use to make pots on the wheel 50 in a day I have really changed - no longer do I feel I can stand and throw pot after pot and in many ways no longer do I want to.
I keep wondering about where this is all going to take me.

Cynthia said...

Your boxes are lovely - I love paper arts! These would make really cool ornaments too...

I could almost leave clay for a gander on the other side.... My last semester concentrated on model making and we were limited to 3 materials - restrictive, but also amazing at what one can come up with when the sky isn't the limit.

I'm trying to carve some time out for clay right now, and will most likely start small. It's that time of year. My studio is cold, everything is frozen and since time is precious, a trip to the guild isn't really feasible.

Shortstuff said...

Those boxes are way cool.

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

I did a quick search for pottery blogs on blogspot and ran across yours! It seems like you and I am much alike, artist at heart, creativity is the haven for any reality....I am a potter experiencing health issues that keep me off of the wheel for the most part, so I strayed to jewelry, paper, fiber....whatever....keep posting.....whatever you may be working on, thinking about, as the journey is important too! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

some days, going into that cold studio and dipping my hands into that cold water is just too much to take. i never thought that maybe origami would get me through the hard times. nice little pyramids. so are you gonna make some dogs out of tile pipes next?

Laurie said...

Those are really gorgeous! Wow!