Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Work and Play

Mark and I are invited to participate in an Exhibition being held at the North Carolina Pottery Center call Tea Time.
We will both be sending two Tea Pots along with some cups.
Yesterday I made 4 of the bodies and lids.
I put them all under tight plastic last night because Tracey and I have been trying to find a day to just run around, have some lunch and ride the back roads in search of old buildings and barns.
Tea Caddies
Today was a day we picked out of the hat weeks ago and even though I needed to make spouts I went.

Pisgah Covered Bridge

And I was happy to have gone.
Happy to have had the time to spend with someone who has become a friend over the past year.
Talk and laughter came easy while we rode the back roads.
The sky was blue and the weather tripped its way up to 60 degrees, a perfect January day in the south.
We peeled a layer as we rode around and laughed about the fact we might need the a/c!
We did not- just kept riding. 
Sweet and snug on the hillside
It was fun to show Tracey some of the barns and buildings I like when I drive from Seagrove to Asheboro.
I love the fact that I can get all the way there and back without 4 lanes of traffic.
I also love that these buildings and barns stand proudly, many of them still used.
I look at the houses that litter the road ways with all their newness and then I marvel at the old wide planks and the softness of the boards I see on these old buildings, some of which you can almost see through as though they are turning themselves into paper.

One of my favorite barns over near the NC Zoo

I love when you see the care taken of one of these old barns, painted, used and loved.
I also wonder if there will come a time when someone removes that barn to put a house in its place.
There use to be many old tabacco barns around as well but most of those are gone.

I can't wait to see how some of these pop up in Tracey's work.
She was seeing lines and details that she liked.
But I will let her tell you about that.

Tomorrow I will get back on those Tea Pots.
Today I just plan to savor the rest of the day.


Linda Starr said...

Congrats on the tea time, who doesn't love a good barn, one of those barns has a cow sculpture on the front I'm using in a tile. I took the photo when I was visiting there.

ang said...

what a grand day out meredith...those barns certainly have a depth to them...just think something built years ago with a utilitarian functional nature is now stunning and aesthetic ....sweet :)) happy tea potting today

Tracey Broome said...

Hey Girl! I had the very best time today!! Thanks for the barn tour. I'll get some pics up soon, have to feed the child, I got home late, took a few detours on the way :)
It was a great day!!!!

Laurie said...

A most excellent sounding day!

cindy shake said...

How lucky to spend a day with a friend! Two back road chicks checking out some inspiration -how fun. One of the many benny's of the self-employed!

Brian said...

I think that has to be the first barn I've seen in NC that has a hex sign above the door. Northern IN and PA have lots of them.

cookingwithgas said...

Linda- your name came up while we were wandering around this barn since I knew you stopped for pictures.
I can't wait to see your tile!
HI Ang- I hope you get to see some of our NC barns!
TB- a most excellent adventure!
Cindy- come go with us!PLEASE!
Brian- the hex sign was new as of the past week or so- interesting addition to one of my favorite barns. said...

Love the shape of your teapots, I always struggle with making spherical shapes.

Lovely barns very picturesque!

Jerri Neddermeyer said...

Way to slam back on the wheel! When I make it back to the wheel after a break, I only do little five of each of five forms, then I just draw new ideas for a while, and then pick a direction to go.....but then, I am not the potter you seem to be from your pics. I would flip out making a series of teapots, tea caddies, tea bowls go for it! All I really have done for pottery lately is turn gift cards into ribs...maybe I will actually use those ribs sometime soon. I am working on beach glass today in the jewelry tumbler. I sit here reading blogs while the tumbler does all the work.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi- my slamming is slow but I still love to throw a pot.
Might be tempted to make more!

Lizet said...

Great teapots and love the photos