Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Flowers

The kiln is cooling and I have started planning a gas load.
From the frying pan into the fire- gas to electric.
Electric it is a push of the button and gas it is pushing all the buttons.

Several of the potters went in together and bought me this Orchid.
She is elegant and lovely reminds me of Lee with her long lines and beauty.
I hope to be able to keep her around.

This peach tree volunteer is bloomimng.
She grows where I once had a compost pile- seems she hung in there and we have watched her grow.
I always wondered why we never see any fruit until last year as we watched one squirrel after another come and "help" us harvest.

My house is hard on plants.
I live on 100 ac farm and usually all I can get to bloom in the house are African Violets.
They were made for me.
They love to be ignored and really work best when left to dry.
They are forgiving and continue to bloom in spite of me
My kind of flowers.
So fingers crossed for the electric fire and hope for the next gas one as I am mixing things up.
I have planned a bottom shelf of 8 inches to see if we can get that heat down there.


Kellie Jensen said...

You always seem to get the best volunteers from your compost, things just seem to grow around you. I can only hope that one day, when I grow up, I will be at least a little bit like you. Maybe then the plants will love me too. hehe

Tracey Broome said...

Beautiful flowers, gives me Spring fever for sure! Wesley's violet is hanging in there, but she forgets that watering is important every now and then, glad they don't mind getting dried out :)

Anonymous said...

hi meredith,
what a beautiful gift of remembrance. those orchids are a finicky lot and will not like being ignored like the venerable african violet. i used to give my ex-wife a different kind of orchid every year for valentine's because out in the country outside of town were these orchid growers... they had 4 giant greenhouse filled with all kinds and i guess they used to breed new ones. anyway, the ex killed them all slowly and of course the house helped. they need much humidity and much watering and no soil. probably need a shallow (handmade) plate under the pot with a pool of water to increase the local humidity. hope you're doing well

cookingwithgas said...

Oh Jim... lots to think of and I do feel a responsibility to this plant... seems I need to figure out if we can live together in my dark cold house...

Patricia Griffin said...

Beautiful orchid. My hubster has developed quite a fondness for growing orchids, but I think they all did better when we used to ignore them. Don't sweat about it too much. They mostly want to be appreciated. said...

Beautiful flowers, I've always been quite skilled at looking after flowers outdoors but indoors I tend to have varying luck with them.

I have a tendency to 'kill with kindness' and over water them! Orchids dont need much watering at all but take a lot of persuasion to re-flower. Good luck!