Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking for luck

I am slowly getting back to work this week.
I started working yesterday on a cone 6 firing of tiles.
Glazing the tiles can be a tedious job since I like to put in different colors and they all are being painted in.
I did try some last time with glaze and cold wax, then I poured the background and I was pretty happy with the results.
I am not sure it saved me any time, but I did like the results.

I have to admit that Lee seems more with me when I am in the studio since she spent so much time here with me last year.
Last year she would come over roll out her own slabs for tiles, spend the night with us and then finish up and head back to Raleigh late the next day.  We had made plans for more tiles we wanted to do together.
Her next plans for tiles were going to be Hummingbirds in memory of our brother Jay.
I am sad she did not have the time to do even one.

Lee asked that we make jars for her ashes along with another potter friend.
A project I will think about soon and post pictures later.
 I have to get together with her friends to figure out what we are going to do.
One thought is that I throw them and they decorated them.
I thought it could be nice and fitting to put a Hummingbird on them along with some of her favorite flowers.

Today I will be glazing and running many thoughts through my head as I try to clear some cobwebs out and form a more clear picture of where I am going this year with clay.
I keep running back to it even though there are many things pulling me away.
What is it about getting in that place where the hands take over and the mind feels free to wander or you are so focused that it takes you to another level?

I have been thinking too about the families in Japan and listening as one thing happens after another.
If you have not read the blog by fellow potter Euan Graig you should his accounting of what he and his family are going through is so well written and gives you a first hand look at what is going on.
Our hearts are with him.

I have been checking in on many blogs and I am inspired by what I see others doing.
And I was thrilled to see Tracey had her building about finished.
I was amazed at how quickly this has gone up and happy that she will have a space to call her own.
I was also inspired by Megan's post about what you can get done in 30 minutes while she is adjusted to her life as a Mom. It made me think that even if I don't have hours there are a lot of 30 minutes in a day.

I am sure I will get back soon to long days in the studio but this is going to be a year.
One that brings many reflections and thoughts.
Here is my thought to you today- Do you have a will?
Cheery Right?!


ang said...

hehehe... indeed cheery note !! and yes.. not that anyone would fight over my mountains of clay and dusty bits :P

Linda Starr said...

I dictated a list to Gary when I was ill a week or so ago of what I keep in my head, where to find this and that, who to call, where to spread my ashes, but I want to change my will, thanks for the reminder, like Ang, who would want my jars of slip anyway, Ha.

Tracey Broome said...

It's been a long cold winter with a lot of sadness, but look around, the pear trees are beautiful and the flowers are blooming!!!! It's a brand new day, go get it!! said...

It just seems like theres so much sadness around at the moment, I hope you find clarity soon.

Its terrible to see the pottery village in Japan so damaged.

Judy Shreve said...

It's good to hear you're back in your studio -- even briefly. So many memories everywhere you turn - but letting your hands move without needing to engage can be so healing. Hope spring finds you hopeful and helps heal you -- grief is a long and winding road.

cindy shake said...

A second to what Judy said. Death is such a taboo subject in our culture -it shouldn't be. Preparation and knowing what a person's wishes are is so essential for surviving friends and family. Derek and I have been very clear with not only each other but other members of our family as to our wishes. I'm so superstitious that these were VERY difficult conversations to have and filling out paperwork creeped me out even more but has given me peace of mind.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

If there was a "like" button for comments I would hit it for Judy's comment~ totally agree.

Glad you are writing~

cookingwithgas said...

Do you all realize how very much your words help me?
If you don't I need to say it again- thanks.
I mourn right now everyday and crying -not weeping- but a few tears a day seem to help.
It's the little things.
I miss them both.
Today was a day to stand and walk in the sun just to remember for them.