Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mud and Suds in the Yard and the Celebration of Spring Kiln Opening

 Mud and Suds in the Yard.We started this last year and loved it enough to have it again this year.
This year back again is Anne Raven Jorgensen from Raven Pottery.
Anne and I go way back.
We met when she was a pottery student at the local community college.
She was holding down the home front while her husband was off in Korea.
She would later move to the area with her family and become a potter in the Seagrove area.
The older girls have gone off on their own, but with one more in the nest they family moved about 45 minutes outside of Seagrove.
Anne still makes pottery, but has taken a detour into Jewelry making.
She will be bringing both with her to the event.
Come and see what is new with Anne.

The other Mud person will be Laura Weant Johnson of Snowhill Tileworks  whose studio can be found at 220 S. Churton St. Hillsborough NC
Laura will be featuring handmade ceramic tile and porcelain jewelry.

I meet Laura when she was making tiles here in Seagrove and if you don't know I have a big crush on her son Judson.
He is one of those boys that steals your heart, plus I knew him even before he was born.
So we go way back!
Laura will be bringing a nice selection of tiles and her Jewelry.
Better get here early.

And where would we be without the suds?
Coming again will be Laurie Abela.
I stole this right off her blog!
I'm a soapmaker, massage therapist, and gardener, with a history in cardiac nursing. Living a simple, green lifestyle is my passion, and something I continue to learn about. The gardens here grow food, flowers & herbs, some of which I use in my soaps. 
Laurie has such a soothing personality and does a good job of keeping my feet on the ground.
Then there are her yummy products.
She made me the best rice bundle.
I can't call it a sock because it is bigger then a sock.
I put it in the microwave for 2 minutes and use it for my sore muscles or better yet I toss that baby in the bed before I get in and warm my icicle toes with it.
Me and the rice bundle are close.
I think even Mark steals it away for his back.

We have added one more person to the mix and even though he is not a mud he is the partner of our
Ms. Suds.
Joseph Ezzell will be here with some of his sculpture.
From J's Etsy Site:
Creating art is my football I guess...I'd rather be out creating something than sitting in front of the telly. The wonderful homestead that nurtures me provides the peace and place I need to do my work. My creative, supportive partner encourages me. The magnificence our world possesses inspires me. And my fellow humans continue to supply the junk and cast-offs I use for most of my creations. It's perfect!

Put this down on your calendar of things you must do in April
Rain or shine - we can move then insdie if we need to.
Come on out:
 Saturday April the 16th 10-5 and  Sunday the17th 11-4.
Tell me you read the blog and I will have a surprise for you!


Linda Starr said...

Wish I lived closer, this looks like so much fun, have a good one.

Shortstuff said...

Boo...I have another obligation this weekend. Wish I could be there.

TropiClay Studio said...

I would be there, but the bus fare from Guam is a little steep! Hope it turns out well!