Saturday, April 16, 2011

What is life if not an adventure?

And they say the show must go on.
There is nothing like the forecast of a little rain and wind to worry us all that our Spring kiln Opening is in peril.
Many of the potters spend hours getting ready for the customers to come out and see what is new in the pottery shops after the long winter months.
Many of us clean our studios, bake cookies, bread- put on the coffee pot and in general just get ready to welcome you out.
Then the weather man tells us that we could have storms.
We have made alternative plans for our guest to be in a safe building rather then out in the yard under tents.
So get out you galoshes, or your fancy new boots and grab an umbrella and come out for pottery, cookies and other treats.
What is life if not an adventure?
Right Toto?

  After all I have some interesting cookie stories to tell.


Tracey Broome said...

I hope you get lots of crazy people that love bad weather out to your shop today :) I'm blowing off the show in Hillsborough, not worth it and I'll just have more for Shakori and Etsy, ho hum, life is an adventure isn't it!

Linda Starr said...

quite an adventure for sure, going to open the kiln now, do hope folks show up and the weather clears some.

cindy shake said...

LOVELY POTS! So sorry about the storms -for Tracey too :( you guys get much worse storms than we do. Hope folks come and are itchin' to buy lovely things to usher in Spring!

Patricia Griffin said...

It's hard to remember when it's storming, but rainbows are coming!

Hollis Engley said...

Hope you sell a lot of wet pots, Meredith.

cookingwithgas said...

Some came and bought- that is always good.
And tomorrow is another day.
We are not out of cookies yet!

Peter said...

One of the best sales days we had was when our village was cut off from the city by snow... hardly a soul on the road, but the few that ventured in bought pots! You have such nice work coming out of the kiln! I do like the runny glaze over what I take to be combed and textured slip (??). The green coloured glaze looks similar to what I get with our local garden clay, when mixed with a little wood ash or calcite and fired to a good hot stoneware temperature. The iron red in the little bottle is really lovely. Hope you have good sales in spite of the weather.

Jesse Lu said...

It is the best kind of adventure.