Friday, June 17, 2011

The bigger the hole the more money you can pour into it.

If you are going to call a sewage guy he might as well have a sense of humor.
After all with what he deals with all day if you can't find something funny to say then life would really be down the toilet.
We have been having "water" issues for a while.
Longer then we would like to admit and weeks where we just hoped it would flow away.
But finally we faced up to the real thing after replacing the toilet and finding out that was just a band aid to the real problem.
On Thursday these guys showed up and found the real problem.
There were broken tiles to a job done over 50 years ago.
Seems we drive right over the septic flow out area and sometimes, many times, I park there.
Also placing or I should say building a carport right in front of this area was maybe not the wisest thing to do.
But it was done and now repaired and believe me when I tell you I was so happy not to be a "helper" on this job.
And now- the toilet she flushes and you can take a shower.
These are all good things in my book and I plan to use them daily just to get my moneys worth!

This week I went straight to hand building instead of the wheel.
I am working on tiles, trays and pillow vases.
I have enjoyed a new design or two.
A Cone Flower
And these sunflowers.
I have done several of both of them.
I am trying to think in a straight line and not jump so much.
I am terrible to jump from one design to another and then wish I had just stuck close to one things and worked it out.
On another front we are trying to work out some pictures of things like lamps.
Mark makes a wide variety of accent, table, bedside and living room lamps.
It would be nice to show those on the blog or website.
I love handmade lamps and use them throughout the house.
There is nothing better for those spots that need a little light or for those spots that need a lot of light.
I just cringe when I see poorly made or mass produced lamps in a house that deserves better.
We were once asked to help spruce up an office area in Asheboro and I decided to go up and see what they needed.
I walked in and saw a 24.00 lamp from "the dime store" ( I know I am dated) I went home and picked a lamp and took it up to the office.
It made all the difference to the space.
So stay tune and maybe we can get some lamp pictures up.

Best get back to the end of the day and then maybe a beer would hit the spot.
Join me?


Judy Shreve said...

I hate when you have to so many dollars on something so necessary but not so fun! I don't know how those folks do that kind of work!

I love your tiles - you have such a great way of composing your design.

And I'm with you on the tacky lamps :-)

ps - thanks for updating my blog link in your blog roll!

Peter said...

Sewage guys are great aren't they! We have occasional "drainage" problems here and I usually resort to enormous quantities of caustic soda before I finally call for one of those hardy brave souls who venture into places where mere mortals fear to tread! It will be great to see some lamps, so I hope that you do manage to magic some photos of them onto your blog. I like the sunflower tiles!

cookingwithgas said...

HI Judy and Peter- yes- thank goodness for those people who go where some of us won't.
There are just some things in life I will not do!
The tiles are fun- but back to the wheel next week!

Shortstuff said...

I like the sunflower tiles. Post pics of those when they're glazed and fired. I know someone here who might like one.

Troy Bungart said...

You were very smart to have the pros do the work for you!

I on the other hand decided to save some money and with two brave friends we tackled the project, wasted a week of my life and spent several thousand dollars more than a pro would have charged me to do it for me!

Nice sunflower tile, it should be paired with a lamp.

Anna said...

Yes, photographing lamps. That's something I need to know how to do as well! So I'm anxiously awaiting that particular post....;)

Linda Starr said...

Oh boy, it's always something with home ownership, isn't it. Can't wait to see how you glaze the floral pieces.

cookingwithgas said...

I afraid the lamp post will have to wait as we have failed in our mission- back to the drawing board or MAYBE we need to go the route of the sewage and pay a professional- now to go find that pot of gold.

Lori Buff said...

That's hysterical. I hope it made paying them less painful

Joyful Things said...

May septic service guy's slogan is "number one in a number two business"