Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pumpkins in the garden

I can't tell you where the last week has gone.
Then again I could and it might bore you to tears.
I had some dental "stuff" done last Thursday and it was enough to put my teeth on edge.
Why is it when you have work done no matter how small or large it just takes over all other things.
So between the pain pills and life I did shoot more pictures.

I decided to take my Pumpkin jar and put a small hole near the stem allowing a place for string to come out. This I think could be useful in the kitchen or any place you might need some string.
I know you must be thinking now who uses string any more?!
But I do!
So now along with the many useful things you can do with this wee jar add string to the mix.
It can still be used for dips, coins, cotton balls,jewelry,sugar or salt.
And now that the head is clearing the the jaw returning to normal work must be done.


Gary's third pottery blog said...


Linda Starr said...

I love multi use pottery.

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smartcat said...

Isn't it great when you find a new use for an old form? Love the way they look, so plump and lively!

My ex has a *very* old brass one but I've never thought of making them, even though I use a single form for garlic keepers, sugar/honey bowls. Not to worry that yours will show up out in the world. My form is quite different and I work in majolica at ^05/04.

My sympathies for your jaw problems. My latest fiasco involved an oral surgeon, a root canal specialist and my regular dentist, plus a month of massive doses of antibiotics. The worst part? Knowing that much of this could have been avoided if I had been paying attention.

smartcat said...

P.S. When I make them as a honey or jam jar I cut a little notch out of the rim and put in a small ladle, about a teaspoon size. But you probably know that. ;)

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Gary and Linda!
Smartcat- send me a link to your website i would love to see what you do!

Judy Shreve said...

I love these pieces - the textures, the colors -- and I use string in my kitchen all the time. Great idea. Sure hope your mouth feels better soon!

Michèle Hastings said...

these are very sweet. i love pumpkins both the real thing and ceramic... but i have never attempted to make any. i like the string idea. we have balls of string that we always seem to be hunting for when we need it. perhaps we need a pumpkin!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

These are adorable! Love the textures

smartcat said...

Due to various health and family problems over the last year I am seriously behind in work. (This is *not* what retirement from my day job was supposed to be!) I expect to be on Etsy in about six weeks. I'll be posting everywhere when I'm ready.