Sunday, October 23, 2011

Yes,I am all thumbs....and left feet

If  my sister Lee was here she would tell me that Mercury is in retrograde or something else that would explain the reasons I seem to have developed two left feet and 10 thumbs.
Yes, 10.
For the life of me I can not seem to find time to work and when I do I am not doing it all that well
I had fully expected to post up an informative post about making the mirrors but I made such a dumb mistake with the last one that I was ready to hang up my apron and go get a job at Wally World.
I could do that- I could say," welcome to Wally World" and smile- all would be right with the universe....
Here you go- I used old grout. I thought it would work and even when I thought I might just have to fill some gaps I still thought I was okay.
Well, it is not okay to use old grout and when I tried to remove it I broke a tile....then when I unhappily removed all the tiles I broke the mirror.
Let's just say it was not a good time for me. Time aside I made a big fat mistake.
So now I have the whole thing down to the frame and maybe this is where I will take a few pictures.
It will be like starting over.
I have more tiles, I have the frame, I have fresh grout what I don't have is time.
I want to get back on my wheel tomorrow and get some pots made.
But- if I find the time I will shoot a step by step of what I hope is me doing all the right things.
Now a slight of hand as I show you where Mark and I ate breakfast last Wednesday morning.
Right nice don't you think?
We made a quick trip to Nawfalk to take care of some family business and found ourselves eating breakfast in our car in a parking lot with a great view.

mirror reflection.....better.... no grout needed......

Not a bad breakfast spot-have cereal will travel.
Back to pots next week and let us all hope for a few keepers..


Linda Starr said...

What a super breakfast spot, love the reflected image, just beautiful. Some days are like that, I do so many silly thinks sometimes Gary says I am my own worst enemy. Hang in there.

Tracey Broome said...

Maybe you should go into the postcard business, that first photo is great! We have had many a fine breakfast sitting in the car, my favorite was one morning in Yellowstone by the river, good times!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

.....and the busy Christmas season is upon us......

cookingwithgas said...

and the busy season is upon us has me even more on edge---
Post card business- I took this without my glasses on- maybe that should be the way I should make pots- blind!
My own worse enemy---yep! I know that one!

Judy Shreve said...

Boy, I think we all have days like that - or weeks like that sometimes! And 'time' - why is there never any time - what happens to it?
What a lovely breakfast spot - those reflections - amazing photos!
Enjoy your 'time' back on the wheel this week!

smartcat said...

I think I've just come out of a year like that....."but I have to admit it's getting better....getting so much better all the time."

What a pretty place to eat breakfast.....initially I thought it was a photo realism painting.

ang walford said...

somedays seriously you can just backtrack the disasters!!! I say leave em where they on to breaky what a spot..I thought you were going to say it was some grand hotel and you dined there :P awesome shot M :)) said...

I'm obviously feeling the misalignment too! I've been having quite a week myself so I can sympathise. Everything just seem to be turning out at the moment!

Ah well as long as you keep learning I think thats the main thing. Or at least it is for me : )