Friday, December 30, 2011

A note about camera and know that pots are coming back soon!

Oh, thank you for the information on cameras, here and email.
I ordered one.
I was going the bidding route on a certain site we all know well abcd--- take me to the ocean and let us sit by the b#Y... but I really am not that person who can sit and watch and things get out bid and snatched right out from under you. Like the camera I really wanted that I had the hid bid  on with 5 days to go and it was just removed. No explanation at all, just removed.
So I put in another search and came up with a site that had a new in the box camera that was a step up from what I had at a good price.
I am still in the bid for two cameras but don't really expect those to stay at my current bid of 21.25 and 31.00. If they do I will have 3 cameras to keep up with.
Meanwhile we opted for some down time at home rather than taking off to Va. I am going to leaving some baby chasing up to my Sister Leslie today and since she is up checking on the Mother I am cleaning closets and preparing to head into 2012 with a lighter heart than the last year.
Throwing things away, filing and maybe some paint action going on.
And lunch with the my favorite son today.
My first born asked what I wanted for my birthday and I wanted to have lunch with just him.
We are due.
So cheers and all that!
2012- may life take you forward and be as simple as picking up a stick and as light as the heart of a child.


Tracey Broome said...

So I won't br bringing you a camera? Sounds like you got a good deal and your heart definitely sounds lighter!
I'll be doing the paint and closet thing next week too. Off to see my mom today....Happy lunch date

smartcat said...

Good for you! Sad to lose your old camera and photos...but fun to get a new toy.

Happy lunch!

cookingwithgas said...

Tracey- sending you an email about camera.... have a great time.
Thanks SC!

ang walford said...

happy birthday!!!! and 3 cameras, man what you could do with them :)) multi studio setups and all sorts .....

Angels' Roost said...

When bidding - wait *SECONDS* before the bidding is to end, then slap your bid in. I had an Hermes scarf snatched out from under my nose that way and learned a valuable lesson. Timing is everything. It's sneaky, but it works.

jeannette said...

A agree to your New Years wish -have a happy and healthy one!

cookingwithgas said...

this is going to be a great year!