Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What's a girl to do?

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to the new year of 2012.
Good heavens it just seems like yesterday we embarked on this clay adventure and now it has hit me that we have been doing this dance for 30 years.
30 years!
Some days, as I sit here and picture myself as brown headed and younger, I think we are still those young whipper-snappers who just blindly walked into this as a business, pulling two young kids behind them.
Then again mirrors and drivers license do not lie.
There are days now that I really feel those over 50 muscles and think what are we doing still here.
And, yet, there are many potters who make pots well into their...70's, 80's dare I say 90's.
Is it possible, who really knows, but we are not ready to stop now. There are still pots in us so we carry on.
Now about Christmas, we had a great time being with our two, their spouses, the new puppy and the grand daughter. I was going to torture you all with lots and lots of picture of family, but I have a confession to make.
I had a moment and a moment that was so stupid that it goes in my book of stupid moves that shall not be made again, ever, really!
On Christmas day we took the young one to the park, me, her mother and dad.
I took lots of pictures as this fearless 20 month old as she went down every slide from small to large shouting, fun, wheeeeeeeee, fun, wheeeee.
And then as we left I placed my camera on the hood of the car, yea, I know, slap me now I know better!
3 hours later I look for the camera and of course it is gone, long gone.
And since I am the taker of the pictures the pictures are long gone as well.
If I could just get the pictures back they can have the camera.
Well truth be told I want the camera back too she and I were tied at the hip.
I am at a loss without her.
I went out the next day and bought a small camera not to let the holidays go with out some record so I could show you this:
This child is never more happy then when she is outside with rock, leaves and sticks.
and this.

The new grand puppy, 7 months and a great puppy! She rings bells on the door when she needs to go out.
I did take some more  like this:

I am working some eBay bids trying desperately to replace my camera- I looked for two days at others and found some finally found some used ones that are like the one I had.
I decided that I did not like the one I bought. It is just too hard to hold and if I lost one that was bigger you know I will lose this one.
I will take suggestions on good cameras if you have any, but I am sure I am going to go after one like I had. It worked for me.
And somewhere I will try to put a note in my feeble brain to never put it on the hood of a car.
Cheers and all that,


Judy Shreve said...

What a bummer to lose your camera - and full of family pictures :-(
I have had 3 Canon cameras and have loved them all - but I think it's all about what you are used to - Hope you find your replacement soon!
30 years - that's forever!!!! Glad you have more years and you want to make more - love the 'whynot' pots.
Hope this new year brings you lots of happiness & laughter -- oh and a new camera too!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Judy- I am bummed but not beating myself up anymore about it,the one I lost was canon and I want one big enough to hold. I had a Canon PowerShot A620 good enough for me and the quick pictures...

Linda Starr said...

OH My I am so sorry you lost your camera I know what you mean about tied to the hip with it, I know how to work mine and would dread loosing it. I once left my gas cap on my bumper years ago and when I got home it was still there, but the loss of those photos hard to take, I can't believe Mara is only 20 months she seems so tall for her age. I think if you measure a child'd height at 2 years and multiply it by 3 I think, that's supposed to give you their adult height. I have a Sony Cybershot that's 7 years old, knock on wood it keeps on ticking.

Michèle Hastings said...

i am on my second canon, both powershots... the only down side to the new one is that it only has a screen and no manual vue finder thingy... not that i used it much but in bright light it was handy.

smartcat said...

What a bummer! It feels like losing a part of you to lose something so precious and necessary.

I've been using a Canon Power Shot S5IS for a while now. There's stuff on it that I am still learning, but I like that.

cookingwithgas said...

I have looked at the s5s...possible

Lori Buff said...

Sorry you lost your camera and the pictures. Nothing like a child playing to make you happy.
We have a Pansonic with anti-shake which we like and a casio that fits nicely into a pocket and takes videos with sound which you might like around the little one. It may be too small though.

Anna said...

I got a Canon s95 for Christmas and it is SO much better then my old Olympus. Still learning how to use the thing though....

Greg lost his camera last year shortly after we moved to C'ville. He finally gave it up for lost.

I was clearing out his closet to move him to Fburg and it flew off the top shelf! It landed on the bed thank goodness and Greg is happy that he wasn't as absentminded as he thought....this time. :)

laura weant johnson said...

love the mara pics--she has her mama's smile for sure!!

jimgottuso said...

hi meredith,
i guess the holidays are providing you with a flood of cuteness judging by the happy baby pics. i really miss that age already. probably too late to weigh in on the camera thing but i'm on my second canon and the one i have now is a sx110is but it's years old now and the model has more than likely been replaced. canon has given me great customer service (replacing my first camera for free when it got wonky after several years). my only suggestion would be to get one with a manual white balance feature if you're gonna use it to shoot pots with. there's nothing like rocks sticks and leaves. glad you like your teacup you got from me... very glad it resides with you all now

Laurie said...

I hope to soon be decluttering around here. That's a shame about your camera. Though I don't feel quite as bad about my recent goof now :o)

cookingwithgas said...

Jim- it does go too fast- I love this age either they are totally happy or totally upset! And it can happen in minutes..
I have a new chapter to the camera- stay tune!