Sunday, February 19, 2012

A not so slow Sunday

Mark and I have been taking some slow Sunday's since January and really enjoying the pace of taking a day to do anything we want.
Today we are painting a room upstairs that will become a music room for Mark.
It seems when I took over the spare bedroom to sew that I chased him out.
 He soon moved his guitars downstairs, but has been shifting them around trying to find the right spot.
Well, we think that when this room is finished it will be the right spot.

 There is a closet at the end of the room that will work to hang the guitars in.
 It is a long shallow closet that is the same length as the room with a wide open door. On the inside corners we will build in shelves floor to ceiling. Then we can take the back wall to hang  his guitars.
Problem solved, we hope.
It is funny how houses are ever involving just like life can be.
We have plenty of rooms but we are always learning new ways to use them.
After we get this finished I am making plans on how to get the sewing room into a  more usable room for me and guest as well.
After a week of production throwing everything is in the dry or bisque stage.
I am very quickly running out of room and I guess that is a good thing.
I have all the shelves full and have started unpacking the kiln into boxes that can store under tables. To me that means- time to glaze and fire.
Our son sent me a picture of his dinner from the other night. He humors us by eating off dishes made by us.
I just need to check to see that all the pots are ready for the High Point Spring Market.
Dragon-fly Designs has sent the order to be filled by April.
I do love to work with someone that realizes the need to order early and not wait a week out, bonus! 
Lucky we have been busy producing and I think I only have one item left on the list to make.
I hope that some of you have taken a slow Sunday and relaxed.
I need to go check on Mark because I hear him upstairs still working.
I am the trim girl, have brush will travel.


Tracey Broome said...

Indeed a slow Sunday, I hear snow might be on the way Wesley just sent a text that it is snowing in Winston Salem. Time to curl up with a good movie:)
Just reading about your High Point deadline takes me back. This is the time of year I would be picking out new paint colors and accessories for my showrooms. I sure miss those days......

Michèle Hastings said...

I love seeing guitars out and on display! As I have mentioned on my blog, John was a guitar player and had 2 electric guitars, 2 electric base and a martin acoustic... then there is all that gear - amps, mike stands, etc... they took up a lot of our living room but they were so beautiful to look at. We had to run a humidifier to keep them at the right humidity... I imaging that isn't a problem here in the south!
...we had quite a few customers today, I sent some in your direction, so I hope you sold some pots in between the painting!

Linda Starr said...

Oh I like that fabric, reminds me of some I picked out for a chair I once recovered, never again, upholstery work is the most strenuous thing I've ever done in my life. Are you still working on your handbags? Gary still has his father's banjo and his trumpet but they are in cases, displayed might be nice.

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks for popping over!

I finished some bags a few weeks ago and have not made any since we are painting.
Some curtains are going to be the next thing on the list.
That fabric might go on some cushions in the newly painted room.

Lori Buff said...

I envy your slow Sunday. It's nice to take a day and relax, even if that means doing a project on the to-do list. It just feels good. said...

All those little jobs around the house soon add up to take up so much time! Sounds like quite a busy day of it.

cookingwithgas said...

Hey you two- I could have used a really slow Sunday- but I tell you what I slept well after all the painting.