Monday, July 30, 2012

July is going to run right into August

July can sometimes be like January for us here.
 Like January with heat, lot's of oppressing heat that sends us moving quickly through the yard from one building to another, trying not to breath in, fearing if we do we will scorch our lungs.

 This July started with a bang with Company, heat and the 4th of July all coming at one time. I have found that 108 is really hot and I hope to never feel that one again. It did make the days of near 100 feel like nothing. We would just wave our hands and blow our lips out with a phish sound and say that is nothing.

Then there was the lack of rain that really did my tomatoes in and then too much rain. It has made me rethink myself as a gardener. I can go to the farmers market and help support someone else by buying their wonderful home grown goodness. I am thinking about just growing flowers.

 About the January/July thing.
 We pushed out two big kiln loads one and then another one 3 weeks later. So when Mark starting pushing me again I stood firm and decided we needed to approach the rest of this month a bit more slowly. He made pots for the gas kiln, well, I did some too. While I went into tile mode. I have made two rounds of tiles one with a white clay body and the other with the red rock. It felt good to build a little pile of the tiles since I will not get more time for these until, most likely, January. If I have learned nothing by making pots I have learned that timing is everything. It really is all about what you have the time to do and get done in a day. A day can go so fast here sometimes with those plans of what you are going to do and then the reality of what you really get done. We all feel very accomplished when we get a day to throw, But- throwing means there is work ahead.
For me I love the making and think of it as walking down new paths, moving ahead and not looking back. Then when we are up to our ears in pots the reality of the real work sets in. Now, the fun is over and we must get down to the tasks at hand. You really can not get those pots on the shelves without stepping off the first path.
So step off we are, pots are being ready for a firing in Ms. B the small kiln and I am stacking up tile for a firing in the next week or so.

Meanwhile I have given in to the gourds that have taken over the garden.
We have had two rains that flooded the shop and sent rain in the store.
Let's slow down on that rain dancing, okay.
Mark is back on the tractor this morning to see if we can repair the driveway from the last rain, what a mess.
Me- I need to go unload a bisque kiln and load another one back.
The temperatures have cooled for this week and that will make life more easy.
We sat out last night and marveled at the coolness of the summer night.
Time for tea and thoughts of the day.
Cheers! Go to work!


Shannon said...

HI Meredith. I enjoyed the rhythm of this post: the woman who swallowed the bird to catch the spider, to catch the fly.... feel of it (can't remember the whole song rhyme/poem). We do love those days when get to just make things, but they spawn the rest of that chore list, too.

Linda Starr said...

We are finally getting some rain and a little cooler here too. We had a heat wave in california one year and it was 118 for three days and 115 for two weeks I almost gave up taking care of the lavender garden then, had to water three times a day. Ugh. mother nature is sure in charge.

Lori Buff said...

If you could send a portion of that rain to us it would be benificial for everyone. Sharing is a good thing.

I suspect your tea is iced, enjoy it.

cindy shake said...

Sorry about the rain flooding -boo. Glad you have the right attitude about it though :) I suppose we are both luck to even have rain considering the poor folks in the middle of a drought :( ...we just didn't like our rain pouring in through our old roof!

Michèle Hastings said...

sorry to hear you have been dealing with water problems too :-(

cookingwithgas said...

hello! We really should not make any noise about getting rain when many places need what we have- but 4 inches at once makes for a messy long driveway and floods the studio. Ugh.
About that tea- I still like a cup of hot tea to get the day going.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

Good Lord, what a roller coaster! Best of luck with the repairs and hopefully the torrents are done. I love that you are setting some limits about your pace- it sounds something I need to hear :)

Julia said...

The heat here has been oppressive too - not up to 108, but we've been at 104 or 105 for several days in a row, not getting below 89 or so at night. Please feel free to send some of your rain our way. We've had little drizzles preceded by horrible hot wind storms - yuck - that blow everything all over the place! I wouldn't mind a big downpour (she says BEFORE her basement floods). Sending COLD thoughts your way. Enjoy a cup of tea for me. - J

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I KNOW, where did today GO?????

cookingwithgas said...

I know Gary!! Holy Cats! where does the time go!

Julia- I would love to have tea with you.
Your weather- buggers! what a summer.
Welcome back Kings creek! and where;s my lobster roll???

Laurie said...

Sorry to hear about the water in the shop & studio. There have been some gully washers, for sure. Happy August!

cookingwithgas said...

I hope you are getting some rain but not drowning in it.