Monday, August 13, 2012

Where are you going now?

There is something going on with all my blogging friends.
 It seems that many of us are feeling the late summer blues. Those blues that come after a summer of too much heat, too much rain and, well, too much heat plus rain that equals high 100 % humidity.
It seems we are all thinking about what we can do different in our lives.
 Is there something we can do to shake up our little world in the clay department?

 The brain loves a challenge and may times when all is going right (?) then our brains look for something else to do. Excuse me, it says I am going to wander off over here and see what kind of trouble I can either get into or cause.

Wait, wait, just wait a minute buddy. Don't you know we are clipping along at a nice steady pace and things are going well? Don't you know if you go around that corner there are demons who will suck out the thoughts and replace them with - Oh, No!...too late.

We need to trail off after the brain hanging on for dear life in hopes that it will come to it's senses and turn back from the evil forest of never- never land.
Come back you call.......
Never! It says and it sets sail for uncharted territories.

I love it better when this is happening to other people and I can just waltz along doing my same dance.
But, no, and really this is simple compared to others.
I had to go back and play with some jewelry pieces.
I had quit doing these this past year, tossing back all scraps and not letting myself make these pain in the rear small things.
I mean, really, I throw for a living.

What is it about these small works that call me to spend hours working on them.
And, then I don't know where to go with them.
I am not schooled in jewelry making and find that really I want to be done with these.
Here is what I hope.
I hope I can find some jewelry makers who would be interested in parts.
Parts I have.
If you want parts get in touch with me.
Otherwise I just spend hours going through them thinking of all the possibilities.
That is where I get stuck.  

I really need to get back to throwing.
It is the season to get those Christmas pots made.
So, what has you these you these days.
Or is your brain behaving it's self, staying in like it should and not wandering off.
If so- Good! But maybe your brain could give mine a talking to.



Dennis Allen said...

I too have been lulled by the siren song of making little things. Not because I loved them but because they were small $5/10 items and hundreds could fit in a small box.Never works out. I'm a wheel thrower and that's about it for me.I like throwing bigger pots and fall back to that if I get the itch to do something else.Right now it's plates, bakers, and bowls to replace those I sold Saturday.

Kellie Jensen said...

Oh how I love your pottery, and I love your tiny jewelry pieces too... and I love jewelry, and making jewelry. I'm going to think of the possibilities for those little pieces. I've been in a yarn phase for some time now, but other things are starting to call my name again... Fall promises to be a very creative time in my brain, which is exciting all by itself, and you have just added fuel to the creative fire for me. :oD

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis- good for you for selling and making more.
and Kellie, Kellie- let's talk soon!

Kellie Jensen said...

Yes ma'am!

Tracey Broome said...

I haven't had time to let my mind go for a wander in a year, so I'm allowing it time to do what it wants. It's too hot to do anything else!
I have an old printers tray that I put all my beads in and sell them for $5 each. People love to plunder through the tray. I too have those days when the scraps call out to my stamps and have them over to play. There are some bead shops out there that will buy your pendants. I did a trunk show last January at the one in Carrboro and made $600 just selling beads in one day! Yours are very pretty, you won't have to worry about selling them. If you want to borrow my tray for a show, you can....

cookingwithgas said...

thanks TB- I am wondering again how to make the small stuff work for me.

Nancy Lee said...

I sell a lot of pieces like your pendants in my shops. I string a nice piece of hemp or colored rope or black ribbon through the hole, and people love to buy them for necklaces! I PRICE THEM INEXPENSIVEY, 10 to 12 dollars, and I think they will sell very well for the holidays!

Hannah said...

On the bead front I have absolutely no idea sorry.
However on those two little jugs at the end there front, oh my they are sweeties.

cookingwithgas said...

HI Nancy- thanks- I am working on something wit these.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Hannah- yes those are calling me, back to the wheel.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

As you know, my brain is absolutely NOT behaving! My mind wanders to redecorating the house- what if I paint the living room a different color? How about a new chair? Maybe rearrange the bedroom...and on and on! I'm a sucker for house magazines & home decor blogs (in addition to the clay ones)! To get my ya-yas out we did decide to get the bathroom redone and met with the contractor the other then what color? what type of fixtures?!! Looks like it did not quench my thirst for distraction ;)
But, this too shall pass when I finally panic about time and get my ass back in gear!


Love them... Xmas season seems to jewelry season too so don't feel like it is slacking off my dear...
And thanks for acknowledging our personal hells... Back in the saddle... and then I dropped a stilt on a giant platter I made as it stuck to the kiln shelf while I was lifting in out of the kiln. Cursed. Epoxied it together and hung it on my bathroom wall... so there! These demons will NOT get me down.

David said...

Your pottery is so well crafted. It's amazing what can be created from your hands. said...

I love how detailed they are, theres certainly nothing wrong with experimenting every now and then!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

I love the green round pendant pieces in the middle. I agree that you could easily sell these as parts or with a very plain black cord. They're lovely.

cookingwithgas said...

Hi Kathy- I love knowing I am not alone in using the skills of diversion. Your brain is behaving very badly!
Judi! I know right!? We really are not alone in this.
David- you are so kind.
Claudia! hey girl _ I have been reading your cooking blog- need to get back over and see what is new.