Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fun with Clay

Took a ride over to Star last night to see what the Children's summer camp program had produced.
There was some fun going on.
I loved the wall of pit fired masks.
These are great, I wanted a few.

 Tracey- a red barn made by Chris Luther's son.

These heads were great and who would not love a Best MOM!?

It is always fun to see what kids do with clay.

Mark and I are in throwing mode, I have a kiln of tiles going,
and we are both reading in the evenings.
Something I use to do often.
 I am enjoying it again.
It's the little things sometimes.
I am on it like bees on flowers...... the bees are ecstatic over these blooms, they are drunk with pollen love.


Shortstuff said...

Love the kid art. Those masks are great.

Tracey Broome said...

Aren't these just the greatest works of art?! Love that red barn, it reminds me of the covered bridge down your way. Wonder if he would sell it to me?!?!

Anna M. Branner said...

Man those masks are fantastic! AND I love seeing kids art displayed so well, with such respect. Thanks for sharing!!

smartcat said...

Isn't it great what kids will do when their imaginations run free? I love the variety and the way they are displayed. Considering the condition of the arts in our schools they are fortunate to have a place for creativity.

Drunk with pollen love! Yes!

cookingwithgas said...

Hi sis- those masks are wonderful- I wanted them!
TB- you would have to arm wrestle his Mother and Father for that barn...
Hi Anna- fantastic is right!
Smartcat-the display was done very well.
and drunk with pollen love is so true. those bees ignore me as if i am not even there.

Dennis Allen said...

Masks are always great kid projects.They can't make one that doesn't have a personality.

Laurie said...

Thanks so much for sharing the kid's creations. Wonderful and fun to see!

Peter said...

Happy birthday Meredith! P xx

cookingwithgas said...

what birthday Peter?
I have a few months left before I leave the 50's...

Peter said...

Meredith, sincere apologies,not only for the timing error but also the one of duration as well. I really had my wires crossed there. (Fancy muddling temperatures and years!) Probably the result of water on the brain as it has been raining here for about two weeks non stop and we all have gone mad. And today... it is still raining! Agggggggh! (anguished cry). So embarrassing I think I'll have to slither off into a muddy, damp and sorrowful silence for a few days.

cookingwithgas said...

no problem- you should read what I read sometimes- it keeps me quite entertained and I get great laughs at myself- no problem and I will look forward to a birthday at the end of this year.