Thursday, September 20, 2012

I had planned

to sit down and bore you all with my life here at Whynot but I picked up email from Tracey who wanted us to meet her in Asheboro to listen to a friend of her's and Jerry's who was playing music and off we went.
It is not often that we just walk in from a long day and say yeah, let's go.
Well truth be told we always want to go some where and grab a beer, but even Asheboro is 20 minutes up the raod and usually we can talk us out of going.
We were glad that the voice of reason did not win.
It was great to finally meet Gerry, Tracey's husband, and their friends and guitar player Jeff Brown.

We were sitting in Asheboro, outside, drinking a beer and listening to music. For some of you I know you are thinking so what, but I never thought we would have such things here.

Did I get pictures? No, but I think Tracey did.

Instead you get a picture of my morning view as I have coffee and anticipate the day.
I love sitting here and looking out at the yard and the studio just a walk away.
I just have to get there.

I am still fascinated by the butterflies that have always been here I am sure but that in my haste to hurry past them for many years I just missed them.
I am positive I was too busy protecting the parsley and dill from them  that I was not allowing them to be.
Now that I am fully aware of them I look all the time.
This past week 7 caterpillars on the parsley.
Seems like a lot for their great appetite and yesterday there was one looking for something else to eat.
Note- put in more parsley.

    Yesterday it was survival of the fittest:

 Yesterday was also glaze away day and I am close to my tile load while Mark is exploring the pots for Ms. B.
Tiles get fired first and then we will see what we can do with Ms. B.
You know she can be a bit of a pain.

All is still on for our 30th and we are really excited to have Four Saint's here with their beer. We have become (old) groupies and tend to look them up to see where they will be next, showing up like stray puppies for yet another chance at their beers. Everything we have tried has been good.
 The one they are unveiling on the 13th at our 30th Celebration is a new one and sounds great.

Best get cracking on some pots- the commute to work is so hard.


Susan Wells said...

I keep re checking my calender because I want to come to your thirtieth. Alas, I will still be out of town on that day! Yes, a rough commute! Mine is equally distressing. Which is NADA! In fact I keep waiting for tea or coffee shrubbery to sprout up on my commute from my cup splashing out on my way.

cookingwithgas said...

If you could grow coffee from spills there would be trees all over my house! I wish you could come!!

Tracey Broome said...

SO glad you two got out of Seagrove last night and joined us! I do have pictures, but rather bad ones, it was so dark. I'll have a post up soon....

Lori Buff said...

That is a beautiful view, it makes sense that you'd want to sit and enjoy it.
We have lots of caterpillars chomping on the fennel and the rue. It's okay, they become beautiful swallowtail butterflies.

Michèle Hastings said...

that's funny... I was with Jeff Brown in Asheboro last night too! Except we were at Lowe's Hardware and last I knew he played the Saxaphone and harmonica, not guitar :o).
We heard there was a Jeff Brown playing at Lumina, if we had time we would have gone.

Tracey Broome said...

Michele: I KNEW that name sounded familiar, haha! Wish you would have stopped by, that would have been fun. Our Jeff Brown is a great guy too!

Laurie said...

You've definitely got some fat & sassy Caterpillars! The music sounds fun. I hope they'll be having more. said...

Wow those are quite some caterpillars I wonder what they'll turn into!

cookingwithgas said...

Jeff Brown's sure do get around!
This Jeff was a fine guitar player, I do suggest you try to see him.

gayacac said...

Lovely morning there... great post!

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Linda Starr said...

I once had to commute 42 miles one way to work, don't miss it at all.