Wednesday, December 12, 2012


 Numbers are wonderful things that make me smile.

I love playing numbers in my head.
Today is 12/12/12 amazing.

Mark is back on the wheel trying to figure out how best to make pots and deal with the leftover effects of the cold/flu whatever he had. It is a challenge and one that he is meeting quite well since there are these great lamp bases rolling off his wheel.
He has a few orders for them and one of the orders is a set. With making sets, you know things that closely as possible match, you have to make more than two.

I am always amazed at these lamps and want to keep them all. I know I could find a place for them in our house.....  
Some of the lamps will be carved I'll see if I can get a step 2 picture for you.

What am I doing?
Well, I am making jars that I need to get done for an order and as you can see to the left they are coming out so nicely.


I started making jars and these bottles demanded to come out instead.
Who am I to tell them they could not, they are so bossy!

Yesterday I did make jars.
They were not as loud as the bottles but I will get pictures if they are willing.
It seems this is the season for bread.
This is how I bake my Cuban bread, recipe from smartcat.
Under the bread is parchment paper with some oil and cornmeal rubbed on.
(don't look too close at my dirty oven...)

This batch was particularly good.
I think it was because I stepped back and let them be a bit wet.
My sister Leslie has a post on bread check it out.
Enjoy your 12/12/12 there will not be a 13/13/13 that I know of.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH MAN...yes, I am probably making that bread myself today...and pots too :)

Shortstuff said...

Gonna have to try that Cuban bread recipe. Looks yummy.

12/12/12...we do love our numbers. May have to give our mathematician mother a call at say...12:12!

Lori Buff said...

The bottles are beautiful, I can see why they wanted to come out.
I was noticing the date today too, how fun. Since we don't have 13 months it's the last time we'll see a date like this also.

Richard Hattaway said...

I am so happy that the professionals also have clay that comes out as whatever it wants, no matter what happens to be on the potter's mind at the time. ROFL ..

Happens at my place *all* the time (c:

Anna M. Branner said...

Mmmmm nothing beats fresh bread!

Our paper had an article about two local kids that turned 12 today. Magical I think!

Laurie said...

That bread tasted as good as it looks, too! Looks like we were of a similar mind in our posts today!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

And the bread recipe goes on the growing list. Looks so good!