Wednesday, January 23, 2013

As they say

 "That ship has already sailed".

 In other words there is no way I can take pictures of the inside of the kiln as we loaded it today since the door is all bricked up and the burners are already on. There is fire going on in there.
We are having a bit of freezing cold temperatures this week and when it is this cold we don't like to take any chances on loading the kiln and giving chance that something will freeze and cause us problems when we do fire.
That means, load kiln and light the burners and just stay up all night. Well, to tell the truth Mark is doing the stay up all night while I ...well, I am going to bed and be fresh for work tomorrow.
It is the price one has to pay to get orders out.
So you get some pictures of pots as and before they were loaded in the kiln.

To your right a tall lamp.

 To your left an assortment of ware.
With the exception of the sugar jars that did not make the cut, no room for them. These are all in the kiln.
as our the pots on this cart.

I will get pictures of the pots before we unload the kiln.

Stay warm where you are, or cool if you are Ang who is not having cold but hot where she is, lucky girl.

And ponder these thoughts:
We received a catalog yesterday and in it was an ad for underwear made from "free range" cotton. Yes, you read it here. Free range cotton. Now, people I am from the south and I have never seen cotton raised any other way but in open fields. What makes it free range? This brings so many questions to my mind and makes me wondered if there are farmers out there abusing cotton right now as we sit here. And, if they are what can we do about it? Free the cotton!

My other  wonder, and this one has had me for awhile now, is there are eggs being sold as "born free" eggs. Um, come again? last time I was around chickens they were still "laying" eggs.
Are chickens now giving birth to eggs and if so why is this not on youtube?

There is just so much to think about these days, but fear not our pots are lead free, pastured raised , have no hormones, or antibiotics, are not tested on animals, are made in a smoke free and animal free environment, fat free, vegan, organic, hand crafted, and made just for you.




smartcat said...

I have a vision of chickens in little tiny leg irons. I thought young from eggs were hatched no born.

Free range everything else raised in cages? Oh P.C. I love ya!

And so happy to hear that your pots are raised to maturity in a safe open environment!

Seriously folks it is effin cold up here......stay warm.

Toes crossed for a great firing!

Tracey Broome said...

I am so impressed with you people that are working in this cold. I am a sloth...... All tucked in and getting nothing done, maybe I'll go free some cotton, I do love cotton fields.....

angela walford said...

you betcha sweet ass baby!! 38C today a tad hard to work in a studio with no air con though :P be free lil cottons indeed!

Laurie said...

Now I'm going to have to google free range cotton, lol! And the eggs! May the kiln gods smile!

Darlene said...

Free range cotton! Thanks for the laugh! I will long remember that one!
Stay warm

sheapottery said...

I think it's cotton that could choose to grow elsewhere but it freely chooses to grow in the field.

And as for the cold, up here in Boston, the high today was 12(F) and with all the wind, the windchill never got higher than -10. Didn't stop my Texas born dog from having to spend 25 minutes out there finding the perfect spot to do his business.

Judy Shreve said...

Oh I love this post - wiping tears of laughter! We have all gone organically insane!

Lori Buff said...

I wonder if the free range cotton was grown on the same farm as the born free eggs. I also wonder what else they might be growing there and if they are smoking it. Too funny.

cookingwithgas said...

I know- this has had me chuckling and pondering for days. (does not take a lot to entertain me!)
Oh, I need to add that our pots are gluten free too!

Michèle Hastings said...

your pots should sell like crazy now that you have proclaimed they are gluten free!

May the kiln gods & goddesses be good to you.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

a boatload of beautiful pots :)

mamaraby said...

Sunds like someone in marketing got carried away with the buzz words!

Linda Starr said...

I still love the mystery of the reduction firings and opening the kiln, good luck with the firing.