Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just add water

and a little skill and the next thing you know.
Pots are growing off the wheels.

Mark has several of the lamps finished and is now trying to think of what he wants to make to fill the spaces around and in between the lamps.
Vases? Bottles? Jars?Jugs?
Why do we get stuck in thoughts in January.
And, good grief, it was 50 plus degree's outside and the fish were biting.
What is a potter to do!?

He working until 4pm- yes he did, and then, went fishing.

This is what my camera does when it gets tired of me taking pictures....
There are not 2 carts side by side- there is only one cart. Double exposure- weird.

I would love to give you some insight into clay, pots, lips, bellies, lids, jars but the brain is having a hard time with the creative process of writing.
I think a lot about what I am doing but by the time I get here my thinking is all gone.

So pots, pots,pots- just working along.
more later!


Shortstuff said...

Supposed to be almost 70 here by the weekend. Can't wait. I think motorcycle man will be going out for a ride.

Susan Wells said...

The large pots are beautiful! Nice lines, and curves and balance. I had a bout of nothingness too. Slept and pushed things around and slept and read and Now! Poof! presto whamo! I guess a girl needs to take it easy sometimes to rejuvenate. Good time of year to do it:)

Lori Buff said...

I can't believe Mark worked until 4pm, that's like the hours that normal people with conventional jobs work.
I'm glad I'm not the only one that forgets what we planed to write when we sit down to the computer. I guess we're not alone in any of this.

Shannon said...

yep, writing about the stuff is from a whole other part of the brain it feels like. That's why so many of us get tongue-tied when we're asked to "talk about your work." Lovely shapes. Like the double-exposure trick, too; that might be a feature!

smartcat said...

The pots are so elegant.....but fishing.....in january?

I have to admit that in my nerdiness I note posting points in my notebook or on sticky notes.....sometimes ......the rest of the time i'm Fer Duh!

cookingwithgas said...

I have just came back from the walk to the mail box- 60 degrees and so nice out there, it is colder in the house... I love this southern winter we are having.
Fishing will be on again this afternoon.