Saturday, March 2, 2013

At the end of the day

 Mark hangs his apron up on his cart.
For some reason this time it really has that forlorn look sitting on the empty cart.
The end of the day or the start of the next day?

I have posted some of Mark's tools in the past but you know that we both have those tools that you just can  not do without.
I remember how tools would just grab me when we first started making pots. I really think that as a new potter I thought I needed the perfect tool. If I had that tool I could make that perfect pot. Yea, I know.

Now the things I need most days are few.
This screwdriver, could not do without it.
That is the broken, sharpened head of a sheet-rock tool  that should be tossed out. I loveling keep it close at hand.

 The sponge on a stick.
I have 2 one that is this size and a very small cut down one.
How easy is this?
A dowel rod, sponge and a rubber band.

The tools below are my 4 favorite ones that I go to. There is one there that I would really hate to lose, it has magic powers for me.

I have mourned tools that have left me on their own time.

I have also bought tools that I used once, many discarded.

My stamps are another story....



Dennis Allen said...

Like most of us, I bought a box full of tools when I was starting out.Then I noticed the potters I really admired had a needle tool, a piece of yardstick with an angle cut on the end, and a piece of string. They seldom used the needle tool.The tools I use the most are the ones I made myself to solve problems or increase efficiency, like a rib that flattens the floor of a plate and sets the radius at the same time. I think I may do a favorite tools post too.

Anna M. Branner said...

I agree with Dennis. We should all follow in your blog steps with favorite tool posts. (I couldn't do without my needle tool. I am a crappy wedger and need it to puncture those elusive air bubbles....)

Tracey Broome said...

I love tools of all sorts, I am a tool junkie just like my dad was. I have all of his tools now, I have some clay tools passed to me that belonged to Leonora Coleman, and now I have weaving tools from Hollis' mom. Yes, lets all do a favorite tools blog next week! That would be fun:)

cookingwithgas said...

Blog away we are all being too quiet on the blogs. Let's get something going.

Richard Hattaway said...

I'd love to know about your bat system. Who made it, do you like it, would you get another?

JLK Jewelry said...

Tools, tho I use mainly jewelry making tools, I find myself fabricating things so that I can play in clay. Or fix things like the fan under my computer. Tools are the best! But your favorite tools, well you cannot do without.

Rosa said...

I think I have every tool ever made for clay. I use: my hands, my wire, my needle tool, the occasional rib, and a stick. I still love to buy new tools though!

Dani Montoya said...

I tend to lose tools in my used clay bucket, especially my rim chamois. Eventually I find them!