Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life can be as sharp as glass

cutting deeply enough to take your breathe away.
Other days it can be as smooth as a stone that you want to tuck in your pocket.

I had my breathe and voice taken from me for a few days while I processed the information of the passing of a child.
We had friends who became grand parents on Saturday only to have the child pass away on Tuesday.
I can not tell you the effect this has had on the community.
So give me some time I am finding it a bit hard to talk about the joys of what I do while the grief is so large it could eat a person.
Today I would like to ask that you stop for a minute at 2 pm and give thought to what you have and to help lift this child on to his new journey.
Add to that many thoughts of healing for the family.

Peace be with you to the family, friends and community.

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