Monday, March 11, 2013

A spider a day keeps the flies away.

 Not really since there are no flies out right now.
I just made that up, but I am sure you had already figured that out.

I moved some of Mark's vases down to the bisque room to dry while I am waxing and planning the gas load that is still in the works. This spider has already moved in and taken over the space. How quick she was to move in a claim this as hers.
I hate to break it to her but if she stays it will be into the bisque kiln that she will be going.

I have a load of pots in the kiln that are ready for a bisque firing tomorrow and I have 16 shelves all waxed and ready for glazing to begin in the morning. I am big on starting tomorrow.
I always loved the lines from Gone with the wind.
Scarlett O'Hara (Gone with the Wind):
"I can't think about that right now. If I do, I'll go crazy. I'll think about that tomorrow."

Scarlett O'Hara (Gone with the Wind):
"After all ... tomorrow is another day."

 I think those lines have stayed with me since I was 15. That and "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn".
Wow, talk about racy. 

So tomorrow it is since I need to breathe between the waxing and the glazing just to clear my head from step one over to step two, or is this step 3?
Frankly my dear...

I have been enjoying the daffodils that are in the yard. This group of flowers were the ones that were being mowed down for years until I discovered they were there and stopped the mowing. Mark put some good mulch and fertilizer around them last year and look at them now.
They are fabulous.
I usually will clip a few for the house but I can not even think about cutting any of these sine they are so pretty where they are. Plus I see them everyday on the walk from the house to the studio and back again.
 Yellow and green, does make you think that spring is here even though it is still a few weeks away.

I was lucky enough to spot the Bald Eagle just as it flew low over the pond yesterday and disturbed the geese that have been swimming around trying to claim it as theirs. I noticed the geese moved on. We are not the best place for geese to raise a family anyway since the turtles think that the wee ones are tasty. We have tried to tell the geese that the babies just become turtle bait but they try year after year to have some little ones on the pond.

Maybe the Eagle talks their language.

I had a rambling thought the last few days and I was thinking about how many folks have other jobs and then like to spend their days off in the studio getting some pots made.
Mark and I find that we need a few days off not making pots and are working really hard to have at least one day a week where we do not even walk through the studio door.
I know if we walk in the door there will be something that has to be done and the next thing you know there goes our day off.

So if you make pots all the time what do you do to relax and recharge?
Yesterday he "cooked" a batch of beer while I made bread, granola, marinated a chicken and some vegetables for later when some friends came for dinner, beer and laughs. I sat outside and read while he fished, made some things on my sewing machine and we took an hour to walk in the sun.
Then today, since it was a tomorrow's yesterday, we were ready to go back to work.
What is a good day off for you?


Linda Starr said...

oh I read gone with the wind in my bedroom as a young teenager, my mother saw and was mortified, but too late I had already read it through and through, Scarlet O'hara and Rhett Butler were already ingrained in my mind. Ha.

Tracey Broome said...

So glad to see that you and Mark are taking days to enjoy other fun stuff besides clay, it will keep you young and sane!
Daffodils always remind me of growing up in Myrtle Beach, we had tons of them in the yard and I could clip all I wanted to bring in, and I always took some to my teacher, such happy flowers. And yes,always put off until tomorrow what you could do today,haha!

mamaraby said...

Oh, I could use some flowers in the yard instead of half-melted snow and a rather sizeable lake (now slightly frozen). If I cry uncle now on winter, can spring take over?

Love the pics of the spider.

Shortstuff said...

The daffodils are pretty. Pat has lots up in her yard.I have a few crocus making an appearance. Spring will be welcome.

smartcat said...

My mother gave me my copy of Gone With the Wind; I have no memory of why.

I have many hopeful daffodils in the yard....but no flowers yet. I no longer grow tulips because they get eaten!

I was about to write that I haven't seen any spiders just as one lowered itself in front of me. I do have daddy-long-legs which for some unknown reason I consider good luck.

To relax I work outside, play with the animals, watch long movies, read.....also cook,and bake.....oatmeal cookies this afternoon!

Lori Buff said...

Daffodils and forsythia always make me feel like spring is on it's way. Such happy colors and hopeful flowers.

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I am one of those people who uses my studio as a place to relax from my day job...Soon I will retire and pottery will become my full time job, and like you, I will want breaks from the studio. I look forward to more hikes, gardening, learning to reupholster, and maybe even sit to read a book ;)
Love the yellows, thanks for sharing them!

Ilyanna Kreske said...

Saw your post on anotehr blog and wanted to stop in and say hello and give you a big hug. I'm thinking of you and your community.

Also: perhaps you need to fit some spiders into your work?

cookingwithgas said...

Thank you.