Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gifts of Spring or not all things I touch break.

Or, it's been one of those weeks.

Yesterday I broke a bowl in the shop.
I knew as well as I know my name, and yours, that I was going to break something.
My hand flipped a bowl and it went flying up, then it went crashing down, it hit hard, breaking into several pieces.
When it happened, I thought, thank goodness that is over and let's move on with the day.

Why did I think I was going to break something?
It has been one of those weeks.
Mark went out to mow a small patch of grass on Wednesday and the mower worked for 15 minutes and stopped.
No amount of pleading, begging, stomping of feet or crying could get it to work again.
It just refuses.
Like a stubborn mule.
It will have to go to the shop.

The day before that the tractor had run all day just fine.
Right before Mark went to put it to bed it would not start.
( starting to see the pattern here.....?)

The next day it did start and is now put away.
But, the mower is a no go.

Today, yep, there is more woe.
Today, I broke the oven.
Maybe it gave it up all on its on, but since I was using it, I think it is me.
(Really, I have cookies to bake.) 
I had bread in there with a pan of water and I think that I let the water vent towards the control panel.
By the time I saw it the thing was going wacky and then quit.
I was able to get the oven back on enough to bake the bread and as soon as it was done all lights went out.
I broke the oven.
I have two batches of cookies measured out and no way to bake them.
There might be no cookies for the kiln opening.... this can not be.
I know, sad....

Now on to better things and gifts of spring.
You all know I have had my feet on this property since I was a young girl, spending many summers here with the brothers and sisters.
In 1976 I moved here and I thought I had seen everything there is to see here.
But, today I drove past where the old house use to be and noticed a stand of white flowers that I have never seen before.
I stopped and walked out to look at them.
Below is what I found.
Just look at these beautiful daffodils.
I found two patches of them, our plan is to move some up to the house as soon as we can.

bottle by Mark, decorated by Charlotte Wilt (Fenburg)  of Humble Mill Pottery.
I hope you can see them.
They also have the most amazing smell, somewhere between honeysuckle and gardenia.

Then there is the sassafras tree. 


 And what did I learn about native redbuds?

Ethnobotanic: The Alabama, Cherokee, Delaware, Kiowa, and Oklahoma were among the Native American tribes that used eastern redbud for various purposes.
 The bark was made into a tea to treat whooping cough. Taking cold infusions of the roots and inner bark treated fevers and congestion.
 An infusion of the bark was used to treat vomiting and fever.
 During winters, the plants were used for firewood.
Because it is one of the first plants to flower in the spring, the blossoming branches were brought into the homes to “drive winter out.” Children were “fond of eating the blossoms” of eastern redbud.

Wildlife/Livestock: Many birds, including bobwhite quails, eat the seeds. White-tailed deer are among the animals that browse the foliage. Honeybees visit the blossoms.
Livestock will browse on Eastern redbud.
I did not know!
I just thought they were pretty, turns out they are pretty and useful.
I like that in a tree.

The plan is to load the kiln tomorrow.
Look into fixing the oven and the mower.
Beg one of my friends for the use of their oven.
And try not to break anything...

I'll let you know how that works out.


smalltownme said...

Hope everything goes great for you tomorrow!

Shortstuff said...

Oh, I feel you. Sometimes I have those kinds of years, not just days. Hope you get your cookies baked. Let me know if you want me to help out with some. I'm happy to bake for you.

Dennis Allen said...

Make sure that breakage barrage is over before you go anywhere near that kiln!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks small town, me too!

cookingwithgas said...

Les, I will let you know.

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis, maybe tomorrow will be better, what do you think?

Shannon said...

Did you get your "three" in? My mom always said, 'trouble comes in three's.' So, the mower, the oven and the pottery. That should cover it. You should be all clear now. Have a great event!

Michèle Hastings said...

It's a breaking kind of week. Jeff opened a cabinet door and a spice jar fell out and broke our favorite sugar jar and a small dish from S. Korea that were on the counter :-(.
Last night I dreamed that I broke Jeff's John Glick butter dish. I better not go near that butter dish this week.

Those daffodils are beauties. You never know what might come up in spring time.

Tracey Broome said...

Ugh, it's been one of those weeks! I agree with Shannon, trouble comes in threes, you're good now:)

Linda Starr said...

sweet bird on the vase; Good to know about the redbud; I feel your pain, we sold our house and now one ceiling fan switch won't turn on the light only the fan and the dryer just quit (it was here when we got here and they asked for it in the closing) I don't want three things to break two is enough. Ha.

Lori Buff said...

I feel your pain. I've had days and even weeks like that, where everything just goes wrong. As frustrating as it is we do know it'll get better (or we'll die).

Kellie Jensen said...

Oh, it's not just you. My fridge died on me Thursday. We were fortunate enough to have a friend who does appliance repair, and he quickly figured out that the timer was stuck on defrost. He replaced it Saturday. Yesterday Jason went to get into his car and it wouldn't start. After several attempts to jump start it and keep it going, we discovered that the belt connected to the pulley that the alternator belt is on was frayed and loose. Another lucky choice in friends... another friend will be over later this week to help fix it. Let us hope that the rain that came through this morning washed all this "breaking stuff" vibe away.

Trish said...

Hi Meredith...what a great post!.:)...must be, well...something in the air... My oven element 'blew up' (in the 'less than a year old' range!), so waiting for the repair. And absent mindly made a quiche one afternoon and then !! how to cook it, so called a neighbour, invited her to cook the quiche and then come for dinner..:)..worked fine for all concerned. Good luck with the firing.., I am sure the wind has shifted and the breaking days are over..:)..T.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH my, I hope better fortune comes your way soon!

cookingwithgas said...

I see that I am not alone in my, one of those weeks.
Thing are looking up, I hope!