Friday, April 19, 2013

There will be cookies or other ways to skin a cat.

As you all know the oven died the other day before I could bake all the cookies for the kiln opening.
I had made up 2 batches of the sesame seed cookies to be baked and it occurred  to me that there could be other ways to "bake" these cookies.

I took my cast iron skillet and heated it up and then I placed the cut cookies into the pan and cooked them.
Yes, I did.
And, they came out pretty darn good.
I was surprised at how well this worked.
I did one whole batch this way.
I did think that the sesame seed cookies worked well but, I was not ready to take the chance on the Cowboy Cookies.
Those were farmed out to my sister to make and bake.
Since she lives in Virginia they will be coming with her along with her peanut butter cookies.

I also sent batch number 2 of the sesame seed cookies off to be baked at Laurie's house.
There will be cookies.
And, there will be pots.

It is still a bit hot in the kiln, we will continue to take bricks out through the evening as the kiln cools.
More later,


Dennis Allen said...

I thought the first alternative would have been to bisque the cookies in the electric kiln.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

that is some pretty DAMN EXCITING pottery behind those bricks, congrats!

Richard Hattaway said...

Looking forward to Cast Iron Cookies. What more do you need on Saturday, cookies and pots. Sounds like a formula for fun. See y'all tomorrow...

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Pretty darn inventive! I'm sure the cookies are awesome. Hope the day is great!

John Bauman said...

'at 'er's th'way they done did it back in th'olden days, ma'am.