Friday, May 3, 2013

A gray week

The other day as I walked up to the end of the drive there were a few geese who wanted to land on the pond.

They don't like it when I am walking and can not decided if I am friend or foe.
There have been times when they like to bully me by flapping their wings and making hissing sounds at me.
When they do this I remind them gently that this is my pond and they are guest.
Of course, I am picking up a large stick to help them understand.

They usually get the picture and flap their wings and fly away.

This has been my year for new birds, with the eagle coming in now and again to fish the pond, I have been keeping a close watch on visitors.

The other day flying low across a field I spotted an owl. He was white with gray tips on his wings.
I have seen owls before but I think I would have missed this one if I was not watching for the eagle.

Many moons ago Mark and I, and 10 of his closest male buddies,went camping in a Cypress Swamp outside of Norfolk.
I had to work late on Friday night, Mark and a friend picked me up and we drove through the night out to to the swamp.
As we were twisting and turning through the dirt roads our headlights hit a large white owl that was standing in the road. He turned his head, looked at us, opened his wings and flew away. It felt like slow motion to all of us. He was a rather big owl, and the first I had seen that close up. Think of the owl on the white owl cigars.

We had a chance this past week to share the pond with a painter, who I met at Tracey's house when we had that fun lunch a year ago Christmas. I have admired her work and thought that she might enjoy coming out to sit by the pond and draw some inspiration. I know how this place makes me feel and I wondered if a painters eye would see things somewhat the same or completely different. I can not wait to see if the pond comes out in her work.

Speaking of work....
Time to go at it.


Linda Starr said...

wow that pitcher came out beautiful, I just got back from my walk, been gray here too but we needed the rain.

Dennis Allen said...

Camping with ten of his buddies? Now that guy must be one smooth talker!

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis, it was the guys who asked me. Maybe they thought I would say no go without me, but it is still one of my favorite times with those guys. When I married Mark he came with a group. He was the first to marry and those guys spent many weekends at our apartment.

Jimmy Randolph said...

Wow, a white owl! A beautiful creature, I'm sure. I've yet to see one in the the wild.

Speaking of beautiful creations, what a perfect pitcher! That will brighten up somebody's gray week for sure...

Lori Buff said...

How I envy your pond.