Monday, July 1, 2013

No thank you.

You know the drill, the phone rings and it is one of those calls that asks you to, turn on your computer, lower your credit card rate, make a donation to.... I have talked about them before here.
But, never have I been on the other end.
I had taken an order for a tile of the giraffe that Lee and I worked on together.
It was the prototype for the back splash that we did before Lee left us.

I have a small tile in the store that was a test for the glazes that we used on the black splash.
Someone saw it, wanted a bigger one, and I made it.
The other day I noticed that there was no email contact, only a phone number.
I called.
 Ring, Ring.
A male answers with a very brisk, "hello!"
"This is Meredith Heywood of Whynot Pottery in Seagrove and I have an order ready for you."
I thought I sounded clearly enough and had identified who I was and why I was calling.
I was met with a big, "who?!"
I then stated, " My name is Meredith Heywood, at Whynot Pottery and you ordered a tile from me."
 The answer to this was, "no thank you ".
And, he hung up.

I had to think about this a minute.
Do I call back and go through this dance again?
Or, do I price the tile and hang it on the wall?

I priced the tile and hung it on the wall.
They will either contact me, or, one day, wonder, why, I never, called them.

I have quit saying no thank you and just hanging up on the telemarketers now.
Instead, I place the phone down and walk away.
I guess you could say I am putting them on hold.

Today's flower.
These things are a love.

Could you hold please?
I'll be right back........................


Lori Buff said...

It's a really nice tile, I'll bet someone else will buy it.

I normally ask the telemarketers for their home number so I can call them back when it's convenient for me. So far not a single one has given me a phone number they just think I'm crazy and hand up on me. Who's crazy?

cookingwithgas said...

They do keep me motivated to make pots. I would not like having to call people and being hung up on.
I think someone will- or his wife will noticed I never called...

alexander solla said...

that is just weird! Usually by the time I was done making custom work, the client was usually chomping at the bit to see it in their hands.

cookingwithgas said...

I know, it was weird. I am still puzzled. It was a first for me...

cookingwithgas said...

I know, it was weird. I am still puzzled. It was a first for me...

cookingwithgas said...

Whoops, there is an echo in here.

DirtKicker Pottery said...

Wow that was really weird.
I haven't had good luck with special orders lately either. My last kiln I had 6 special orders. Only 2 of the customers followed through and bought what they ordered. The other 4 never even responded to my emails.

Dennis Allen said...

I know M's case was different but this stream struck a nerve.Yesterday the landline phone rang and in a weak moment I answered, Hello, I'm calling on behalf of MDM. MDM what's that stand for says I? I don't know says she, just MDM. That's when I hung up. She didn't even know who she was shilling for yet I was expected to listen? I don't think so.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

my wife tells me, because of experiences like yours, that I need to get a cash-up-front deposit on any order, and she has a point...but I always figure if it does not have some really unique custom aspect like "Jamie's MUG" written on it, I can sell it elsewhere...the problem customers are the one where you do exactly what they ask for and then they ask for it bigger, or smaller, or different color, size, shape, etc...and you chase your tail round and round trying to make them happy..THAT is a waste of time!

Laurie said...

Got a call from the children's cancer folks you recently mentioned over the weekend. Will have to remember to put the phone down and walk away...

Ilyanna Kreske said...

Dern fool customer. That tile is GORGEOUS! The only calls we get on the landline anymore are from telemarketers. I've signed the Do Not Call registry, but apparently tere's a time limit. BUT! You can ask them to take you off their calling list and they are legally obliged to remove you. It helps. Good luck!

Linda Starr said...

Maybe the wife ordered the tile and the husband knows nothing about it. I think I'd call back in the morning when she is likely to be there.

I actually think a phone number is better than an email. I had an order for one of my meditation bowls and when I made them they never emailed back even though they emailed me first but I sold them all anyway.

Then I had an email from someone saying they wanted to buy two pieces seen on my blog I emailed them the price and they never got back to me, I emailed again thinking my email might have gone in their spam filter and still no response.

The calls I hate are the ones with a computer that calls not even a real person, asking me to press one to talk to someone.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Do not worry about selling that fabulous giraffe tile. If it is still in your shop in the fall (when I have work and money again) I will buy it! I LOVE IT!!!!!!

We have caller ID and rarely answer the calls where we don't recognize the number. Jim NEVER answers the phone. One time the bank kept calling (trying to upsell us on some sort of credit card) and I finally got worried and answered the phone. They asked when a good time to reach Jim might be and I very honestly told them "never." They didn't quite know what to do with that bit of info but it got them to stop calling for a bit.

(I'm totally serious about that giraffe tile but I'm sure someone will snatch it up quickly. It's gorgeous!)

Kings Creek Pottery said...

I picked up the phone the other day to an annoying marketer who keeps calling. My husband ordered something from them once and they just keep hounding us. So I angrily told her to stop calling us that we were not interested and I slammed down the phone....then she called right back to tell me that my husband had ordered something !!!! What?? He's such a weak link, that husband of mine!! I was embarassed and had to apologize!!!

smartcat said...

The giraffe is so cool I'm sure he will sell.
I ask for a non-refundable deposit if I am going to make something that is personalized.
When my pharmacy kept calling with various offers etc. I told them I would switch if they did not stop calling....that stopped post haste!
We rarely answer the phone. If people really need to talk they know to start leaving a message; we pick up if we feel like it.

smartcat said...

P.S. Good looking day lily. Our orange ones have been out for a week. The specials are just starting to bloom.

cookingwithgas said...

The husband and wife ordered this together, so no surprises there.

Special orders are tricky and like I said this is a first for me.
Part of me thinks that it is a little funny because I do think there is some non communication going on.

Michèle Hastings said...

Money up front makes it a sure bet they will be back or repsond to your calls... that being said, we often play it by ear with asking for cash. If it's something we know will sell we aren't so concerned about up front money. We had a wine goblet order over the holidays that never returned calls... but it was a glaze in our usual line so it was a non-issue.