Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The summer of wet

We have never had so much rain.
The flowers in the garden are loving all the wet.
I have grown nasturtiums for many years but never have I seen them as happy as they are this year.
  For such a simple flower in the garden they sure can made me smile.
This has been a great year for flowers.
Tomatoes? I never even had a chance to get them in, too wet.

Mark and I went on a little trip to the mountains of Virginia to see my sister and meet up with our daughter and grand daughter.
It was a whirl wind of fun.

There has been no word on the giraffe tile she is still with us.
I will give them through the end of the week and then she is going back on the wall.

Time to get the coffee going.
Work is looming for us.


Tracey Broome said...

My impatiens think they are trees they are growing so big! But the vegetables we planted really don't like these cloudy rainy days at all, the poor farmers....
How odd about this tile, oh well, put it in the shop or etsy, people love giraffes, it will sell

cookingwithgas said...

I am not worried too much about the tile- just wondering about the folks that did order it.
The flowers are so happy and we are getting great cucumbers.
BUT--- man can not live by cucumbers alone....

Shortstuff said...

It was great to have you guys here. I really enjoyed it.

The first time I noticed nasturtiums was when we lived in Seattle. If they bloom there, then they will really love this weather. Nice and wet.

Now...I need a dry spell.

smartcat said...

You are living in a world of green. Isn't it nice to have enough water? We had so much rain in June that I had stuff rot out. My poor dahlias are only just recovering. However, the day lilies and mountain laurel are/were ecstatic!

Kings Creek Pottery said...

My flowers are also loving the wet...but the weeds seem to be loving it more and they are overpowering my flowers!! I can't keep up ~ it's been quite a summer so far.

cookingwithgas said...

this is Seattle weather, let me box it up and send some to them.
The world looks very green from here.
And the weeds, I feel your pain....