Monday, July 22, 2013

The tall ones

 Mark has finished his throwing for the next firing with more tall lamps.
 I really like what he did with the neck of these.
 I thought it really finished off the look well.

As soon as these dry they are heading to the bisque kiln.

This kiln load will have at least 6 tall lamps in it. That means we will not need as many shelves to fill the kiln.
Instead of the usual 21 we might get by with 19.
My work for those shelves will start today when I pull out my planning board and see who makes the cut.

On another note the weather yesterday was a pleasant surprise for us. It never got beastly hot, then when afternoon storms rolled in, the wind picked up and brought with it a nice breeze with a bit of a drop in temperature.
It was a good night for sleeping with the windows open as the frogs sung us to sleep.

 I enjoy listening to the many sounds that are going on a night, free white noise for me.
I know that many people find the chorus to be a bit much, but, for me, it is like a lullaby.
I have an app on my kindle of night noise that I have used when I am off somewhere else trying to sleep. I was using it on my last trips off and then the next morning comes up an offer that asks me if I would like the potty app.
I had to laugh.
Not yet, I thought, I am good in that department.

The butterflies are crazy flying all over the place. I have been sitting out where I can just watch them.

We finally had a good tomato sandwich this week! I am using these!!! because it was so good!! They are very late this year and small but tasted so good!! Homemade bread with homegrown tomato and dukes mayonnaise. !!!!!!!!!!
I like to pluck some basil as I am walking over to the house and toss that on as well. !!!!

But- don't eat these!

Or these.

We also grilled eggplant and corn last night.
I love summer foods.
What about you?
Anything good coming from the garden?
We did our grilled veggies like small plates.
Eating one food at a time in order to savory how good it was.

Time to flit off to work and coffee.


John Bauman said...

I like 'em!

Dennis Allen said...

Always love Mark's big lamps. Love tomato sandwiches too but differently.

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks John!!
Dennis- do tell on those sandwiches>

Tracey Broome said...

Well, there are the Duke's people and there are the Kraft mayo people for tomato sandwiches. I have never warmed up to Duke's but that's ok because I am passing on mayo these days anyway :)
The butterflies! I have never seen so many. We have two butterfly bushes that look like trees and they are covered these days. So pretty, they look like they have yellow flowers blooming on them.
As for the night noises, we don't get frogs and crickets, we have a screaming fox and two owls that hoot all night, and the neighbor's rooster that crows at 3am.
I might get better sleep out at your place!

Michèle Hastings said...

We are getting a couple of tomatoes here and there... we might even have FOUR that ripen this week!
Our favorite is a BLT. Jeff likes Hellman's mayo, I prefer Miracle Whip. Never tried Duke's since it's a southern brand and Jeff likes Hellman's. In New England it's either Hellman's or Cain's.

Lori Buff said...

Beautiful lamps. I wish I could make some that nice.

You know how I feel about the tomato sandwiches, so good. I've been using avocado rather than mayo since it's healthier and when I do use mayo it's homemade.

We have crickets and owls making night noise in our part of the city. We even got to see the owl fly last night just as the storm was coming in.

Judy Shreve said...

Love Mark's lamps! We are also finally getting some tomatoes - small & delicious too. I put avocado on my tomato sandwiches - never loved mayo in any form!
We have roosters, frogs, cicadas, owls - love the country living!

cookingwithgas said...

I bet there is a wide range in the mayo field from reading here. with or without, what brand and what you grew up with. I would love to tell you I hate the stuff but on my tomatoes sandwiches, I love it.
I tried Miracle Whip once, too sweet for m. My father in law loved it though. It was all he ever used.
I like Dukes because it is not sweet.
Tracey- that is a lot of noise at your house.
I might need my white noise if I was there.
Owls- we hear those if we are sitting outside. I have to admit that the first time I heard one about 37 years ago- it made my hair sit up.
Enjoy the summer.

Shortstuff said...

I'm prepping myself for my favorite summer sound...loons on the lake. Wish y'all were coming too.

Laurie said...

A potty app... lol! We finally have cucumbers and a few tomatoes. Yay! We had (bought) corn tonight. I keep waiting for grilled vegi's, but J has yet to get propane... I'm thinking he may be forgetting on purpose :o) When I was first on this land, the night noises seemed deafening, but now I love them. When I spend the night in the city now, I notice how many sirens there are. Al what you get used to, I guess.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

just a totally lovely post :)

cookingwithgas said...

Les- can you see my sad,sad, year we hope to join you and the loons....

Laurie- grilling takes time and I am lucky that it is the one thing Mark does not mind doing....
Hey Gary! XX

Amy said...

Wow- big big lamps! no veggie garden here- only some flowers- zinnias and cosmos which are enough for me these days- oh, and mint tea. :)

cookingwithgas said...

Amy- I had homemade mint ice cream last year that was fabulous! Think about ice cream....