Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life is as flitting

as a butterfly.

August is here and heading out before I have had my fill of dog days.
The weather has been more fall like and less summer like.
We are besieged with butterflies.

And, I am following them around like they will be gone tomorrow.

I have been wondering about blogging lately as I watch more and more folks heading off to other social media and stepping away from their blogs.
Are we really though with writing more than one sentence and moving on to the next great thing as quick as the butterfly moves from flower to flower?

I posted a picture of one of Mark's pitchers on FB and it went crazy.
Crazy, as in it had over 1,600 views in less than 24 hours.
12 people shared it.
It had a life of its own.
What does this mean?
I can not wrap my head around this as a marking tool.
Just because it had all those views does that mean that 1,600 people will now come knocking at my house looking for our work to buy?

It is interesting times that we live in.

 If I do not post this link on FB it will be read by few.
When I put this link on FB and other sites the hits go up by many.
Again, where does that takes us?

As a person who makes their living selling pottery, how do I market to the masses that are looking?
Or, is the looking now the new way to collect.
I recently ran across a Pin-terest site where the person had many, many ,many pictures of potter's work.
But, does he own any pottery, I wondered.
Are we just collecting images?
Many things to wonder and think about these days.

Meanwhile, we are working, making pots and hopefully paying the bills.


Shannon said...

yes, yes, 1000x yes! I ponder this OFTEN. Is collecting via eye candy going to be enough? I have been posting my blog up to FB for the same reason, so that people might get closer to seeing it, reading it. I blog for me primarily, is how I balance that feeling of tossing my words into the void, as Laura says. I am building a history.

Tracey Broome said...

My blog is my journal, it's an added bonus that I might get some business from it,but if I have to get my business from facebook,ill just have to pass on that one.
I miss a lot of the blogs I used to read that have drifted to facebook, interestingly most of the are the men folk. Seems us girls are keeping the blog fires burning more than the men..... Love your butterflies,we have had sooooo many this year!

smartcat said...

Your butterflies are beautiful. We have not had above normal butterflies this year, but the dragonflies have been amazing. So far I've seen red, green and blue with one humongous variety that looks like it should be trying out for Mothra!
I share a lot of Tracey's feelings about Fb. I'm there but I've done nothing with it. If I ever get my #ss in gear and set up to sell online I may do more with it. But it will never take the place of my blog. I love reading blogs; they seem more connected with their readers than a one line FB posting. I too miss blogs. I would much rather see a once a week thoughtful post with photos than a line or two on FB.

Anna M. Branner said...

So many butterflies here too. And we don't even have much of a garden yet. Not being a lover of the Virginia heat I am so relieved that it has been mild this year...(but it's not over quite yet!) We had a whopper of a storm last night.

I struggle sometimes to make time to blog, but I still enjoy the exercise. And it helps me sort out the important stuff. FB has it's place but it will never hold the warmth of a good blog post. :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Excellent questions. Let's look in the crystal ball, shall we? Here from 2023, just 10 years down the line...ah, there are implanted phones in people heads...and there's talk about transporters. Sure, pottery is still used for eating and drinking and cooking, if you don't just take a pill. Tee hee. Seems a bit Orwellian, no?

Michèle Hastings said...

I find facebook so fleeting... if you see something in the morning, but don't have time to read it, it could be very hard to relocate it in the evening... unless of course it's some bogus "beware" thing that gets reposted a million times. I live that blogs can be read at any time AND they are usually searchable, should you want to go back and reread.
I like to think of all the social media as complimenting each other... but I still can't get my head wrapped around twitter!

Dennis Allen said...

I like facebook to keep in touch with people, nieces, nephews, clay clubbers. I link it to my blog but it is mostly real friends, not 3000 ethereal friends who may have no corporal existence. The blog allows more depth and has actually helped make real friends. Marketing wise, it explains my brand a bit but only sells a few pots. If I really wanted to sell on line, I would have to take a ton of pictures and work too hard!

Becky Brown said...

Yes! All good questions that I'm struggling with as well.

I love your description of "collecting images." I think that applies to people being tied to their smartphones, too. Instead of collecting experiences, they bury their heads in their phones, collecting images, stories, 140-character blurbs.

As a writer, I am attempting to hold strong to my belief in the power of words and beautiful writing. But I'm afraid that this means I will be left in the dust, especially as I refuse to write for SEO, and the idea of embracing the newest social media makes me feel icky - like the world is just focusing on the "social" part and not the "media" as a means to an end.

cookingwithgas said...

I grew up with art in the house. It graced the walls.
Then pottery came into our lives and it fed us in more ways than one.
I hope that there are always people that have to look, feel and touch.
We shall see where this goes....
Good comments folks, good thoughts.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes, Cha Ch this holds true for the art of words as well.
It is where my father made his living.
He use to tell my kids that he worked at the word factory.

Judy Shreve said...

Interesting points you raise about being 'image collectors' -- scary.
My last blog post was a link to a BlogTalkRadio/Leslie Saeta discussing the importance of blogging.

I can understand why Marks work is so 're=pinned' - luscious stuff!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I love blogging and canNOT help myself as long as they let me throw spaghetti at the wall, I am gonna keep on blogging :) BUT it is very hard these days to keep up with all my friends' blogs!

cookingwithgas said...

Thanks Judy- but it is strange to see all this pinning and re posting.

Gary- keep tossing it out there it will stick some where.

smalltownme said...

I have too much stuff already so capturing images helps to sate the desire without cluttering the house. But I love to read blogs. It's great to find links on FB, especially blogs that aren't on already on my feedly.

Laurie said...

Some things to think about here. Interesting thing I noticed on FB... I posted a link to our newest rebar table about the same time you posted the pitcher, and FB will not give me any stats on that particular post. Maybe because it's linked to etsy... Here's to paying the bills!

Unknown said...

I think I have thoughts on this subject, just not exactly sure how they are put on paper.

I see FB and your blog to be two tools, very different, but working together. FB connects folks of like minds ( 'friends' ) and gives you exposure to folks who appreciate the same things.

The blog is more of a humanizing element. It shows the 'behind the scenes' story of a product and it's artist. It's not a sales tool in itself, but is very important for sales in the overall bundle. Thus it becomes a marketing tool instead.

Pinning stuff... I'm still working on tails and donkeys, don't understand the electronic version.

We are preparing a big garden for next spring's milkweed crop. I really want to see Monarch's out there going nuts like the Swallowtails and hummingbirds are this year.

cookingwithgas said...

Hedi - I do understand but think of handmade when you are giving gifts.

Laurie- try just posting the picture and see what happens.
Richard, it is good to read thoughts from a customer/friend.

Amy said...

wow- lots of comments! I so appreciate the blogs yet am too lazy often to write. Yet, I seem to post a pic on fb and it helps sell pieces..

Trish said...

Meredith..There ARE a lot of comments already, so I will just say... Please keep blogging :)..and attracting those beautiful butterflies..

cookingwithgas said...

I do plan to continue although I am at a path that I am debating many of the things I am doing.