Saturday, September 21, 2013

Know how-knowledge of how to do something smoothly and efficiently.

There are many sayings out there that came to my mind this past week as I watched the tree guys work smoothly and efficiently around our house and small sales gallery to remove some good  size trees and branches.

One of my thoughts was, hire someone who knows what they are doing and is confident that he will do the job well.
Also, look at the people he surrounds himself with and see if they respect him.
And, trust him.
There are times when it is all about the trust as you watch a master at tree removal dance his way through the steps it takes to bring  a good size oak down, not hit your house, know within a fraction of an inch where it will land and bring his crew along with him, with no questions asked.
It was a true work of art.

We had 5 trees that were standing too close to the house.
One of those was a big heavy oak that was hanging heavily over the top of the house.
It was a bit scary walking over to the house daily knowing that just the right kind of storm could bring a tree or two down on the house.
This past spring there were several large oaks that came down on houses in the area or so close it took your breathe away.
As much as I love trees I knew we were living on the edge.

Some times it really is what you know and not who you know.

  I spotted this green snake as they were moving out trees.
I am sure that he and other critters were not thrilled at being relocated from their homes.
As for us, all in all things look a bit better.
We trimmed up oaks that were over the other side of the house and one that was just hanging so close to our small shop that even one branch could have done some major damage.
All we need now is some rain to settle down the dust.

From the last kiln load.
We have a customer that wants some wall vases for their sun room.
We were pleased with what Mark made and might have to add these to the list of things to make.

I can't wait to see these in use.



Linda Starr said...

Love the green snake, and we once had a arborist/tree feller who put down a tree in the middle of a soda can just like he said he would.

I'd hire him in a minute to this day, it pays to hire those who are experts at what they do and those you trust.

cookingwithgas said...

that is so true Linda!

Tracey Broome said...

It really is amazing to watch tree people do their thing. We had two very large trees taken down earlier this year and I loved watching the dance, as you say. Are you getting a lot more light in the house? Our kitchen really lit up once ours came down.

cookingwithgas said...

Yes Tracey, I am enjoying more Sun and more moon. I really admire the check out if these guys. Hard work, well organized. They used all sorts of calls, hoots and sharp whistles to communicate with one another.
It was really cool to watch the big one go down.

Dennis Allen said...

I know it's an old joke but it really is a pleasure to watch people who really know how to work.The subtle cues are as graceful as a dance.

Sandy miller said...

Over the years I have learned to take care of tools, how to walk and talk to customers and be more confident in my skin by watching the old Italian stone mason, arborist, and lawn people we worked with. The other thing I leaned early on........ Watch how people treat their animals. My Dad used to buy apples from a guy years ago. By accident he walked in the barn looking for the guy. My dad came out of the barn and said; Get in the car, no apples. I got an earful on the way home and a great lesson on observation....... We found another apple farmer and talked about how to car for horses and cows all summer..... Winter sun is just the best!

Sandy miller said...

OH!!! And nice wall pockets!

smartcat said...

Good looking wall vases. I'd love to see them filled.

I got spoiled by having both Proge's dad and P. being excellent woodsmen. Both could fell a tree on a dime (yes really) P. would put on climbing spikes and take down a tree limb by limb if he had too. (This was a man who would climb the tower at the cable company he worked for because the guys who were supposed to climb it were afraid of heights!) Needless to say I have extremely high standards when it comes to work in the woods!

Michèle Hastings said...

You and your house will sleep peacefully with fewer trees. They do provide shade but houses are healthier with fewer trees close by... never mind what can happen in a storm!
The trees that are so close to the log cabins we live and work in often worry me in stormy weather.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

EGAD I was wondering about the snakes!

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Those wall vases are lovely!

Yes, a good tree person is a great thing. We've had very little tree damage from storms here because we keep our trees well trimmed. Our neighbors will all have big branches down and we will only have a few leaves and piles of moss in the yard.

Claudia from Idiot's Kitchen said...

Oh, and COOL Green Snake! Super fancy!

cookingwithgas said...

I don't know about sleeping better since there are many things going on here all of the sudden! But! I have seen no more snakes! That is a good thing.
Thank you for your comments on the wall vases, they are really nice.