Monday, September 9, 2013

September Firing

The kiln is all loaded up and all that there is left to do is brick the door.

Here is the back that we put in on Sunday.

Then fast forward to the front loaded up today.
The middle, I forgot to take a picture, silly me.
I think I was distracted by lunch and this spider that Mark found when he went to pick up a brick to use.

I am not sure what kind he/she is but he/she was content to let me carry this brick away to a place I could take a picture.

In fact it took some coxing to get the spider to give up the brick for us to use.
Mark tried just talking to it first, no answer and it was not budging.
He took a different brick and offered that up as a replacement.
No go.

Finally he just gave it a push with a leaf and it moved off the brick.
I think it was not a happy to give it up.

 Pretty impressive spider if you ask me.
If you are not a fan of such things look away.

Instead I give you this Green Anole.
He was totally annoyed with me as was shooting his picture.
He was giving me the look.

Time is up- I have to go brick the door.


Laurie said...

That anole is too funny! Saw a similar spider here yesterday. Sending good firing thoughts your way!

cookingwithgas said...

thanks Laurie!
He was pretty cute- small one.... just a few inches long.

alexander solla said...

I miss having lizards in the studio. When I lived in Miami, they were everywhere. Up here... mostly mice and spiders.

That is a lot of pots going into that firing. Good luck!

Michèle Hastings said...

I haven 't seen very many anoles around our yard this year, I miss them!
Spider on the other hand have been abundant. It seems we can't walk anywhere without walking through a web.

Gail said...

But look at that lovely design on the spider's back! He looks huge, but can't be that big, can he?

cookingwithgas said...

Gail- that spider is that big, it was about 5 inches long- someone said it is a fishing spider.
My thoughts are - you take it fishing, I am not!

We have always had plenty of Lizards here. If you have cats that seems to keep the population down.

Alex- we have our share of mice....