Thursday, October 10, 2013

The man behind the lamps

Mark should be known as the reclusive potter.
His reluctance to be in the spot light has always been very clear between us.
Some potters seem to need a big light shinning on them at all times, as if that is more of the focus than the work.
 We would rather have the pottery speak out.
We are now at an age when we just enjoy the process of making and selling but don't need a spotlight to hit us.
I am always impressed by the many potters I meet that just have a need to create.
I married one of those.
So when I had the camera out yesterday I asked that he just work and let me take some pictures.
And, that is what we did.
Mark working on lamps:



Tracey Broome said...

I think Mark has it right, I love the approach you guys have to your business, balance = sanity

Sandy Miller said...

So nice to see the man behind the lamp! Beautiful forms on those lamps........

Me too, leave me in the studio and let the work talk for itself....... I'm kind of over the: Mom, look what I can do potters. But then they usually refer to themselves as ceramic artists ;)

Lori Buff said...

People often tell me they want to see more pictures of me (making the pots I hope). Like Mark, I'd rather you see the pots. They are a reflection of the potter and it's really what we are all here for.
That said, it's still nice to see a potter at work, I understand the attraction.

cookingwithgas said...

we try to keep our feet on the ground TB.

Clay artist- I hear that a lot these days as well...wonder about the use myself.

Thanks Lori- more pictures of both!

smalltownme said...

It's interesting to see the creation in progress.

Peter said...

I love the form and the way the decoration enhances it, and I think that the pottery speaks with delightful authority! Spotlights are always a bit dangerous... you never know when the power will go out! The whole thing of celebrity potting, and potting as some sort of circus entertainment, does worry and sadden me. To see potters, such as yourself and Mark quietly and honestly producing good and beautiful things, is refreshing for the soul! I was wondering if Mark throws those out of one lump of clay, or if they are two parts, or thrown and a coil added and thrown higher?

cookingwithgas said...

Thank you Peter.
They are thrown in two pieces and then capped for the lamp parts.
I have shown he doing two piece pots somewhere on the blog. If I can locate the post I will send you a link.
Good to see you back.

Peter said...

Hi Meredith,
Thanks for the information about the two piece throwing of the lamp bases. When I asked the question I had a faint memory that you may have already put something about that on your blog, but I really wasn't sure if I had seen it, or was imagining it!
Best Wishes, P

Gary's third pottery blog said...

such pretty work....

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

A master at work. Thanks for sharing these Meredith. So awesome.