Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How did it go?

All shows have their plus and minus signs in your brain.
How could you,would you, do it better the next go round.
It helps if we sit down with a clear mind and talk through what worked and what did not.
The new set up worked wonderfully.
The shelves held plenty of pots, the frame for tiles brought folks into the booth to look at them. The lighting, having them hung up and in groups meant that many folks could see how 2 or 3 would work together.
It worked well, I was very happy with it.
I would like for us build a second set and carry this around the other side of booth , leaving the last side as all check out.
The thing that just seemed awkward  for us all, was the side where we had the check out.
I had another table of pots on that side and it was too crowded for me and Leslie or whoever else was helping check out.
 On Sunday I condensed the pots and moved the check out over using just the end of the 6 foot table for a few tall pots. 
That was much better.

 The other thing we plan to do for next year is have our own sides.
We had been using side curtains at the show.
This year it was decided that we would pay for the sides, but they had not shared that with us.
It was an unexpected expense.
We figured we could just do without them since on one side of us the potters had backing to their booth.
We had set up on Thursday, then back on Friday morning, but when we came back we found that the other side was filled with a lot of hanging Christmas tree ornaments that seem to take over.
We ended up going home and taking curtain down in the house, bringing them back up and sliding them very carefully into place between their booth and ours.
It was good to have that separation, but it was tricky and I sure don't want to do that again.
For next year we will plan to have sides.

 Overall, with a few snags here and there, it was a good show, about what we expected.

The fun part is unpacking and restocking the store.
We took the new tile grid and put it in the store. It is looks great!
I'll get a picture today to share.
Best get to working.


Laurie said...

Interesting story of the side curtains. I can't wait to see the tile grid in your shop!

Bramble said...

I used to do shows too and it is a learning experience everytime because something always changes; even if it is one you have done 20 years. The booth looks great, the curtains were a good move, brings the focus into your space. Hope the $$$ were good too after all that work! Bramble

Dennis Allen said...

Glad it went well.Daughter Kate and I went to that show a couple of times when it was at the school and thought it was great.Checkout is always an afterthought and a juggling act for me too. I just hate to give it as much space as I should.Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mark.

smartcat said...

Glad to hear it went well! I look forward to a photo of the tile wall in the shop.
May you and Mark enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!