Saturday, December 7, 2013

December is all downhill

We made a plan this year that we would work, fire and build up some inventory for a few reasons.
The first being that putting a December kiln load of pots this year with Thanksgiving so very close to Christmas would be too much on the old bones. It was a good plan to have. We still have a well stocked store for shopping, we can move on to the many things we ignore while we are working and take a slow day or two for ourselves.
I am tackling the "junk" drawers in the house.
You know them, you have them too and if you don't, I am not sure we can be friends.

 The only thing I do have on my clay list this month if I can get the time is rolling and making some tiles for the new year. This is my low-impact approach to December. Mark is talking about making pots for a small kiln load in Ms. B. Do you remember Ms. B? She is our evil baby kiln that has run us ragged trying to figure her out.
 We really need to figure her out.
She is waiting for us...insert bad movie music here.

What are your plans as this year comes to a close?
Are you ready for a break or do you have more to move right into?
 Me? I am looking forward to at least one day of PJs, a day or two of baking cookies, bread and granola. I am rocking the granola. I take some every time I visit  with my mother and daughter and they say this last batch was the best. I have found a few new tricks that make this better and better.

Oh, and I am digging the heck out of shopping on line. It really suits me. The improvements on line shopping are amazing. I keep thinking I need to figure out a shopping cart for us.
Maybe in the next year... this year I am winding down.


Tracey Broome said...

I like your way of thinking these days, I think you get more done when you don't run around rushing and overdoing it. I made so much at the first of the year for spring and summer shows, way too much, so I have a nice inventory for December and can offer things at a nice price since the inventory is a little dated. Plus, I'm not working up until the last minute and I am well rested and not grumpy!
When I get this play put to bed next week, I need a wintry drive to Seagrove!

Dennis Allen said...

You've got drawers for junk? I've just got junk.Best pottery decision I've made was to lay back a bunch of bisque last winter that I could glaze as needed in the summer.I still made stuff but also had time to work on the house. That buffer gave me a lot of peace of mind.

smartcat said...

Ah yes, the junk drawer. I think it's connected to another dimension. When I clean it our it's back to its original state within a day or two.
Winter is a time when I like to make and bisque without considering glazes....but that is always subject to change!
Why are some kilns so wayward and others so easy to deal with?

cookingwithgas said...

TB- we need a date day! When are you open?

cookingwithgas said...

Dennis- do you need to rent some drawer space??

cookingwithgas said...

smartcat - I know! Why do we think that we need that little piece of string, band aid,twist tie....oh the stuff... like they don't make more of it everyday!

Linda Starr said...

oh I am looking forward to my new clay studio and getting overworked again, now those junk drawers, we have a whole bus of stuff that a lot of we could do without. Ha.

Rainbow Motel said...

Our area has experienced an ice storm. Some are without electricity and others just can't get out of their homes because it's just too dangerous. So...aside from being behind on my Christmas shopping, I'm getting stuff done here. It's nice.

cookingwithgas said...

we are just getting rain here but we both decided that it makes a good day to continue cleaning. Another box for goodwill means less in the house..
Plus I could see a nap today.

smalltownme said...

I only have one junk drawer but I have other stashes of junk throughout the house.