Thursday, February 13, 2014

Having a back up plan, or having no plan at all

Today was to be kiln loading day over here at Whynot, mother nature laughs, loudly.
If left up to me, I would pack a bag, close, and head out for a warm place to escape to for a few months.
I am pretty sure, 99.9.9%, that Mark would go with me.

We are like most of the south in that we are enjoying about 6 inches of  snow with a little ice on top.
Now it is raining and we are going to add a good slick to the snow.
Let's call it winter here in the south.
But, as most of you know, we have been very lucky.
I have a brother in upstate NY that has had one snow after the other and he has not seen one degree above 0 temperature in weeks. Snow and brutally cold weather there.

So, really, we have little to complain about.
We are, warm, dry and the coffee pot is on.
The kiln will just have to wait a day or two.

 Yesterday we made Tamales.
A friend and I have been talking about doing this for months.
He finally had a day off, it was snowing, the kiln was cooling it seemed a perfect time to joined forces for some making of Tamales.
They were good!
We are already planning on doing them again.
This time we stayed on track with them, using ground pork, a bit of sauce on it, and Masa done up with essence  of pork.  Or, as we like to call it lard.
I was watching a cooking show one day and as the bacon was being rendered the person keep calling it essence of pig. New to me this fancy word for lard.

I can see why the whole family gets  involved in making these, next time we will all be rolling and tying.
Also, I am going to look at a good steamer if I plan to do a lot of these.
We also invited a couple of customer/friends in from the cold to share in the eating. They had headed out of Atlanta for a vacation and are kicking around Seagrove for a couple of days.
It looks like the weather could be better tomorrow for riding around the back roads out here.
They may be with us a little longer than they expected to be.

Keep the home fires burning, we will be back with pictures later this week.


Anna M. Branner said...

I REALLY need to get to the studio and decorate those waiting pots...they are wrapped up well enough. I think. So they may wait. At least until I shovel to the door of the studio....

Dan Finnegan said...

I'd rather have that upstate NY snow than the slop that we have here...can't wait for it all to freeze tonight! Tamales sounds like comfort food!

Lori Buff said...

You'll be able to unload the kiln tomorrow but I know how you feel. I'd rather be in the studio working than sitting at this computer working. However, I've pre-written a few Meatless Monday recipes so all is not lost.
Looking forward to your kiln opening.

smalltownme said...

I love the colors of the glass fish against the white snow. Stay warm!

Laurie said...

Cooking, and enjoying the views out the windows here too! I love these views of the farm.

Tracey Broome said...

I'll teach you how to make momos if you teach me tamales!
I laughed when I read your firing plans the other day... " don't they know it's February, said I " haha.
Stay warm, we should have lunch one day sooooon!

alexander solla said...

You had me at tamales. That is one of those things you just cant get in the Ithaca area. We simply dont have any good mexican/cuban/carribean food in this area. Even in Rochester 2hrs away...nothing. The upside is that 5 hrs away, in NYC there is plenty...but the cost is $$$$. Makes me excited when someone talks tamale at home!

As for snow... lets just say I am ready to have a few days above freezing soon. We have had so many days below zero since Christmas... it is like all the winters we didnt have for the past decade decided we needed some kind of karmic payback.ugh.

cookingwithgas said...

It has been a crazy, crazy,cold winter. It is like we finally had a winter of winter all at once.
It makes it hard to get in the studio.
But easy to get in the kitchen.
I hope next week we see a warming trend for all.

I am happy to trade some cooking time TB- let's do it.
Alex- I bet you could make these with some help.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Your brother lives up here? Yes, upstate Ny has been very wintry, but worse for the south, not being ready for it! A chance to hibernate?

cookingwithgas said...

Gary he lives in Watertown.
It has been snow, snow,snow and more snow.
I can not even imagine the cold.

Linda Starr said...

I once made home made tamales with my own corn husks, first and last time although I do remember them being really good but they do take some time don't they?

Our house is on a hill facing south, so much the better for snow melting quickly, we feel real lucky in that.

Patricia Griffin Ceramics said...

Damn, girl, that looks so cold. I'm such a spoiled Californian. And, yet, that melted snow of yours could seriously help us out here with the drought. We're on serious water rationing here.

cookingwithgas said...

PG- I wish I could send you some!
Linda- welcome to the winters in the south, I bet you missed having some snow when you were in FLA.

Sandy miller said...

No, wait! I come to hear about pottery and see green stuff! White, the color since November here in Ohio.......
I was going to ship pots to Florida and we decided we can't take it anymore so making the drive........

Happy firing :)

cookingwithgas said...

driving to green! Pick me up!