Sunday, March 9, 2014

A rare and wonderful site

 Yesterday we had a rare day of both warmth and sunshine.
It was wonderful.
Is it possible that after the last toss of winter on Friday we could really be heading into spring weather?
Friday the area was hit with ice.
If you have been through ice storms, as we have, you know that they can be more deadly to trees than snow.
We were lucky to have just cold rain and no ice, but just minutes up the road from us the power lines were snapping right and left. From the northern part of Seagrove through, Asheboro, Randleman, and Greensboro power was going off as fast as the tress were snapping. There are neighborhoods that look as if a tornado touched down.
We have friends who cut for 9 hours yesterday just so they could get out of their driveway. 15 of their trees went down between their house and the road. Not one on the house, they are lucky.
I have such admiration for the folks that keep our power on. They are working hard to bring every one the power that we all take for granted. I know it is hard to live without it, we have been there, but at times, such as this, we need to praise the people out there working on the lines.

 I went out yesterday to ship off an order for a customer and the post office was not open yet and I had about 10 minutes to fill. I tucked the package back in the car and headed for a short walk around.

This is something I can not wait for.
A grocery store is coming back to Seagrove. A real mom and pop grocery store. This is not a chain, they will carry local meats, dairy and vegetables, along with some stocked goods. There is one in Asheboro that I shop in. I am excited as a tick on a hound dog to think that I can go buy a banana or an onion 5 minutes from my house. As it is now I drive 20-25 .
This can and will change my life, for the better.
Do you think we will pass beer and wine????

 There are a few older houses still left in Seagrove and this one was just visible from the parking lot at the post office.
I love old house, I grew up in one.
Do I want to own one?
Only for the time I am looking at them.
I would love to go in this house. In fact that is a secret passion of mine. If people would allow me I would rummage through the old houses I see on the roads of North Carolina. I know that they will soon be lost as folks build new and don't repair the old ones. You can see many on the back roads. I want to stop and walk through them.

When we moved to Seagrove many moons ago the town was a thriving community. There were jobs to be had in and around the area. Many of those jobs are gone. As I watch what is going on in our small town I feel like I could put up a sign, buy my town dot com, it would read. This gas station has been closed and for sale for a few years now. Beside it is the old Dairy Breeze, also closed and for sale. Across from that is a building once used as a plastic plant, one end is a business now, but the other end opens and closes often. I see many yard sales. Empty buildings quickly turn into junk shops as people try to make a little money selling their stuff.

The addition of that grocery store is so welcome here.
Let's hope that, like the promise of spring flowers, it opens soon.

I see more sun- I am outta here!


Tracey Broome said...

When I was a little girl, we had to drive right through Seagrove on our monthly pilgrimage between Myrtle Beach and High Point to see my mom's family. Many times we stopped at the Dairy Breeze for ice cream or a hot dog. Soooo good! Too bad it's closed, it was a treat. Who knows, we might have crossed paths back then and didn't even know it, then we probably crossed paths again in Asheboro, what a small world!
We were lucky, just lost internet for a couple of days, no phone, no communication. It wasn't bad, really. Nice and quiet.....

Dennis Allen said...

Judging from the people I know down there at least they will vote to have beer, wine, grain alcohol.Most ask... If moonshine makes you go blind is it all at once or can I risk one eye.

cookingwithgas said...

One eye at a time Dennis....with the town population being about under 300 people the vote goes not for beer or wine. we drink only to cure a cold....
TB- I have a secret passion for soft serve as well.. not good stuff but sometimes I have to have it.

alexander solla said...

If everyone is leaving, and businesses are closing up, where is everyone going and what on earth are they doing? Have property prices dropped accordingly? What is keeping things going?

Lori Buff said...

So glad for your sunshine. It's hard to read about yet another small town going out of business. It's sad. I hope the mom and pop grocery store will be everything you hope and more.

Laurie said...

M, I'm with you on wanting to rummage through the old houses. Not much is built like them these days, with beautiful woodwork, etc, when there was pride in the building of it. Also with you on hoping the grocery will open before long! To answer Alexander, don't know about in Seagrove town proper, but I just got my property reappraisal last week, and it did drop.

smalltownme said...

I see old houses and dream of restoring them.

cookingwithgas said...

good questions Alex- I will try to answer them later this week.


I love seeing your photos of the area around where you live - it looks so different to our little corner of England. Your countryside looks beautiful. xCathy

Richard Hattaway said...

Barbara will join you and Laurie any time to go look at old houses. She buys pieces of old houses and they come home to become utilitarian or decorative additions to this one. I personally covet the house on the corner of 705 and FCM road. The shop behind it is just the right size and it could be such a beautiful place (c: